"Route 16 Or 23"

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Dad walked to Michonne.

Michonne " so we're clear. That look wasn't a " let's attack that man " look. It was a " he seems like an okay guy to me" look. "

Dad ignored her " we got to secure him. Dump his pack . let's see what this guy really is."

Michonne " Rick"

I looked at her.

Dad " everybody else, we need eyes in every direction. They're coming for us. We might not know how or when, but they are."

Maggie " Me and Sasha, we didn't see him. If he had wanted to hurt us, he could've. "

Dad ignored her " anybody see anything?"

Glenn " just a lot of places to hide"

Dad " all right. Keep looking"

Me " Dad"

He looked at me.

Me " That guy was annoying me with his talk but he seemed okay. He ain't looking like a killer or something like that"

Dad ignored me and walked to Carl.

I rolled my eyes.

Aaron woke up and held his jaw " That's a hell of a right cross, Rick. "

Dad " Sit him up."

Maggie " I think it's better if-"

Aaron " It's okay "

Dad " He's fine. Sit him up."

Michonne sat him up. They had chained his hands together behind his back.

Aaron " you're being cautious. I completely understand. "

Dad " how many of your people are out there? You have a flare gun. You have it to signal your people. How many of them are there?"

Aaron " does it matter?"

Dad nodded  " yes. Yes,it does. "

Aaron " I mean, of course, it means how many people are actually out there, but does it matter how many people I tell you are out there? Because I'm pretty sure no matter what number I say...eight, 32, 444, 0. No matter what I say, you're not going to trust me. "

Dad " well, it's hard to trust anyone who smiles after getting punched in the face. "

Aaron " how about a guy who leaves bottles of water for you in the road? "

Daryl " how long you people been following us? "

Aaron " long enough to see that you practically ignore a pack of roamers on your trail. Long enough to see that despite a lack of food and water, you never turned on each other. You're survivors and you're people. Like I said, and I hope you won't punch me for saying it again, that is the most important resource in the world. "

Dad " how many others are out there?"

Aaron " one. "

Dad shook his head.

Aaron " I knew you wouldn't believe me. If it's not words, if it's not pictures, what would it take to convince you that this is for real? What If I drove you to the community? All of you? We leave now, we'll get there by lunch. "

Dad " I'm not sure how the 16 of us are gonna fit in a car you and your friend drove down here in. "

Aaron " we drove separately. If we found a group, we wanted to be able to bring them all home. There's enough room for all of us. "

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