Chapter 44 - A Photograph

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THE MAN IN THE CASUAL WEAR let out a soft sigh as he boarded a plane that was heading to Europe. How he wished, as he took a seat in his designated space, that he wasn't taking this trip alone. He'd been to Europe before but this time he wanted to go with his new friend. His new love. He was feeling a lot of things lately, with the most prominent emotion being confusion. Why didn't it take that long for her to break down his walls? Ever since he'd met her, fragments of who he was before the Winter Soldier were coming back to him. Memories of his deployment, his kidnapping, his life. Memories of his best friend and his transformation from a skinny feeble man who was vulnerable to anything and everything, into a soldier, the very best soldier.

But he couldn't think about that now. He was sat by the plane window with a baseball cap resting on his head and gloved hands tapping wildly on his thighs. He was never nervous with travelling. But he was nervous now. He wanted to be sick. And not because he was on the run, but because he had no idea what was going on with Christina. Perhaps the plan was in working order and everything was swinging their way. Or maybe things have gone wrong and other factors have had their play with the situation.

At the thought of her, he reached into his back pocket and pulled out his wallet, opening it up to take out a photograph. Specifically, the photograph that he had taken with Chris at the bar. The fact that his own safety wasn't a concern at the moment was a show of just how much he had grown to care for her. He wanted to be fighting by her side, showing that he can be a hero too. But a small part of him knew that she cared more Steve, no matter how angry she was at him. Which was another reason for him to go. The first, of course, being that he had to get away from SHIELD before he got caught, and then the other being that he allowed for Christina to fix things.

Despite knowing that she was most likely never going to be his, he'd keep whatever love they had in a photograph and he'd take care of it because he'd made himself a promise. That when everything cleared up and she'd won, which he had full belief that she would, he would come back to her. He would find a way.

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