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Name: Samara

Hair: Silvery white, waist-length and parted on the left side.

Outfit: A black and gray crop top and black short shorts with black thigh high stockings. Feminine combat-like boots.

Eyes: Hazel

Body: Pale skin, around C cup size for the bust,

Height: 5 foot 3 inches.

Lemon time

I stomped away from Hidan. I couldn't believe him! He was always doing this.

"Ah, c'mon Sari! You saw what happened!" Sari was the nickname he'd created for me.

I spun around and glared at him. "You always do this! You do something careless and then I have to step in and fix things! You can't just go around offering people to Jashin just cuz you can or they piss you off!"

"I can if I want to. I'm immortal, remember?"

I would have slapped him if I didn't know he liked it. "So not the point!" I stormed off again. Normally, I could keep my cool around anyone, but Hidan was a whole new story. We'd connected like brother and sister ever since I came to the Akatsuki, but just like real siblings, we tended to fight.

"Okay! I'm sorry!"

I kept walking.


"Bite me!" I didn't say another word to him all the way to the base.

As soon as I entered the front door, I went straight to my room and flopped onto my bed. I just needed some space. I took a deep breath and allowed my composure to return.

"Will he ever learn?" I sighed.

After I'd cooled down, I went to the room that Deidara and Sasori had set up for their art room. Seeing Deidara always lifted my spirits. The obvious reason for that was because I was seriously crushing on him. I mean, the man can make explosives with his hand mouths! And don't get me started on that gorgeous hair of his.

I entered the art room and saw that it was just Deidara. Perfect.

I walked over to him and looked over his shoulder to see what he was doing. He had clay on the spinning wheel and was crafting something new.

"Don't lean too closely, Samara. You'll get your hair caught. Hn." Deidara warned.

I backed up slightly. "What are you working on?"

"Just experimenting..."

"Can I try? I've never tried working with my hands before."

"With how much time you spend with Hidan, I'd figure it would be the opposite."

I blushed at his suggestion. It was him I wanted to put my hands on. "It's not like that..."

"I know. I'm just teasing. Hn." Deidara stood up from his stool and signaled for me to sit.

I took the seat and Deidara got in close behind me. He placed his hands on top of mine as I started spinning the wheel just like I'd seen him do.

"The trick is your fingers. Even the slightest movement causes the clay to react." His voice was extremely sexy right next to my ear. It also didn't help that his comment could be taken sexually.

I experimented a bit with the clay. Eventually, Deidara removed his hands from mine and trailed them up my arms until they rested on my bare shoulders. It made it difficult to focus on what I was doing.

"As long as you can feel it, your art will be beautiful. Hn." He used his fingers to gently caress my neck. It sent shivers through my body.

"Deidara..." I let the wheel slow down. There was no focusing with him touching me like this.

His hands returned to my shoulders and he placed his mouth right next to my ear. "Yes, Samara?" His hot breath hit my neck.

I didn't know what to say next.

He pressed his lips onto my neck, causing me to moan slightly.

"I... I thought... we were making art..." I finally managed.

"Art comes in many forms. Hn." He kissed my neck again and snaked his hands around gently caressed my bust. "For example, the art of pleasure." He squeezed.

I moaned. I couldn't take this anymore. Not without giving back. This was a dream come true and I was going to seize the moment. I stood up and turned to face him.

He drew close, but before he could do anything more, I claimed his lips and grabbed a handful of his beautiful blond hair. He ran his hands down to my ass and gave it a squeeze. Our bodies pressed together as our tongues fought for dominance. He was giving me a challenge.

We stumbled through the art room as we aggressively explored each other's bodies with our hands. Finally, we made it to a table. We hastily pushed things off and didn't care where they landed.

I pushed him to the table and removed his hair tie so that I could run my hands through the fullness of his hair. Then I removed his shirt and mesh undershirt. His body was perfect. I kissed every inch of his torso all the way down to his v-line. Then I worked at his pants. They were easy enough to get off. Once they were gone, he was fully exposed to me.

I firmly grabbed his arousal earning me a moan from him. "You were expecting this I see."

He snickered slightly. "You caught me. Hn." He smirked.

I took him in my mouth and bobbed my head, taking in as much of him as I could. His size was perfect, exactly what I'd hoped for.

He ran his hands through my silver hair and firmly grabbed hold. He pulled me off of him and quickly pinned me against the table. "Now, it's my turn. I started this and I'm gonna see it through. Hn."

He removed my clothes as quickly as I'd removed his. I could feel that I was already wet and ready for him to take me. He had other ideas. He placed one hand mouth at the valley between my legs and the tongue began to work its magic.

I couldn't help but moan. It felt amazing. Then he took it up another notch. He placed the other hand mouth on the peak of my left breast and his mouth on the right.

I was overwhelmed by the sensation and cried out in pleasure. Only he could make me feel like this. I submitted to him. He clearly had the upper hand. Literally.

As if that wasn't enough, he inserted two fingers into my dripping wet folds and started pumping. "Oh...! Deidara..."

"That's right... say my name. Hn."


It must have been music to his ears because he removed his fingers, straightened up, placed my legs over his shoulder and thrust his arousal inside of me.

I moaned in pure bliss. Having him inside me was the most beautiful thing in the world! His thrusts caused my breasts to bounce as he picked up the pace.

A chorus of moans and other pleasured sounds rang through the air as he took me to the moon. It didn't take long before the waves of pure ecstasy crashed over my body and I screamed out my release.

Deidara then flipped me over and entered again from behind. He reached his hands around and firmly took hold of breasts as his hand mouths worked their charm. He thrust deep inside of me and I could feel that another charge was building.

Each thrust felt like it reached deeper and deeper. The stimulation he was giving me was incredible! I climaxed a second time and felt jolts of ecstasy shoot through my body and I clenched tightly around him as he experienced his own release.

He collapsed on top of me, pulled my hair aside and kissed my back. It took both of us a minute to catch our breath.

"I love you, Samara... Hn." Deidara whispered into my ear.

"I love you too..."

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