Fun in the Shower

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I'm laying in your bed, sleeping, I wake up to the sound of you in the shower. Smirking I decide to surprise you. I open the bathroom door quietly, sneaking in and stripping, I step in the shower and run my hands over your chest, smiling you wrap your arms around my waist and kiss me, I kiss back as you lift me up, and wrap my legs around your waist. The kiss becomes deeper as you start grinding against me, pinning me against the wall,you slide yourself inside me, all the way deep inside. I gasp and moan in pleasure, arching my back and placing my hands on your shoulders as I move myself on you. Smirking, you kiss and bite my neck, knowing it drives me crazy, as I start moaning louder, the heat from the water making our bodies warm and wet. "Mmhh fuck!" I yell as I get close, feeling you cum and hearing your moans I cum on you. Panting you let me down and I get out of the shower, grabbing a towel and wrapping it round me, smirking as I walk out leaving you to finish showering...

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