Fairy Tail Movie: Phoenix Priestess

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Okay, before you guys go off in the comments about how this movie is shit, let me just preface by saying that I know this movie isn't perfect. It's Fairy Tail, I really don't expect anything more at this point. But the thing is, I really love this movie for multiple reasons (I own the Blu-ray for this, that's how much I love this movie), and I'm not saying that just because I like Fairy Tail. I'm my own person, so I can like or dislike something, REGARDLESS of who wrote and/or made the product that I am watching/reading.



So basically this movie takes place shortly after the Grand Magic Games arc but this movie can be enjoyed by both veterans and newcomers because the movie's plot is a complete standalone. People who are just simply curious about the series in general can watch it without requiring the knowledge of the anime and/or the manga.

The movie centers around a girl called Éclair who has amnesia and a particular grudge against magic. As good old Team Natsu find out more about her mysterious past, a lunatic prince (Kream, I think) hatches a half-baked plan to sacrifice her in exchange for immortality. Oh and you gets these guys from a guild called Carbuncle that are helping the stupid prince.

The great thing about the movie is that the characters that Fairy Tail are helping throughout the film are likable and poignant. I especially loved the relationship between Lucy and Éclair because (without spoiling anything) both have lost someone dear to them and are able to bond because of it.

Also, Momon is adorable. Say what you want about annoying mascot characters (I still find Happy slightly annoying tbh), but this bird is literally the cutest thing in the movie.

The part where they invade Veronica to save Éclair is pretty solid. And although it's not given too much focus, there's a scene where Lucy, trying to get to Éclair, is blocked by guards. She gets out her whip, calls out Virgo, and takes care of them in a millisecond. It's an awesome piece of animation and I wish I could find the clip for that but YouTube is being a bitch ;;;;;

Edit: I finally made the clip using one of my alt YouTube accounts lmao (If YouTube takes this down I swear to god-)

The ending of the film is radically different from what you would have expected from a Fairy Tail movie. By that I mean, it gets pretty heavy. And we also get the hug that's practically everywhere (Not that I'm complaining lmao):

 And we also get the hug that's practically everywhere (Not that I'm complaining lmao):

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All in all, yeah, this movie has some massive fanservice. It's always been a huge flaw for me with the series in general and this movie is no exception. You know, the usual: Gray's stripping habit, a lot of fanservice involving Erza and Lucy, but you would expect that by now tbh.

And even if I admit the fact that the movie does have some pacing problems, I wouldn't call it utter bullshit, because it does has a pretty decent plot and definitely has some great emotional payoffs, especially at the end of the movie.

Also, while the OP didn't do much for me, the ED is what really stuck for me. The ED "Zutto Kitto" is sung by Aya Hirano, the voice of Lucy herself and she has a really beautiful singing voice oh my god ahhhhh-

Edit: Holy shit I forgot to mention the music. And no, not the ED and OP lmao. The BGM, which was done by Yasuharu Takanashi. I'm actually surprised that he's the sole composer for the entire series. Like with most anime, you've have at least two composers per reboot but there are exceptions like Madoka Magica with Yuki Kaijura. Takanashi seems to be the designated/consistent Fairy Tail composer at this point seeing how he's also going to do the music for Dragon Cry.

Anyway, I love the music in this movie like oh my god. "Eternal Éclair" had me sobbing for days and "The Firebird's Dance" was a really nice opener to the movie :D

Anyway, its a good movie and with Dragon Cry coming out in two months I think I'm ready for the series to go out on a high note.

And speaking of Dragon Cry, is anyone hyped for the movie? I am, and its been a long while I've been this fucking hyped for Fairy Tail in general. And finals are done so until next time, sayonara! :D

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