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Chapter Nineteen

Waking up the next morning wasn't a problem. Getting ready wasn't a problem. Arriving at school wasn't a problem. Facing Kacey was the problem.

          I knew I couldn't stay home from school just because I didn't want anyone, especially Kacey, to see my face, even if it did look like it was used as a punching bag. Going to school would prove to Kacey that I wasn't scared of what she could say to me. After all, there wasn't anything she could say that was worse than what was said at the party.

          I walked down the hallway of my school, feeling the stares as I went. I reached my locker and popped it open. As I was taking my books out, I noticed someone lean on the lockers next to mine, and I shifted my gaze to see who it was. A smile grew across my lips.

          "Hey, Logan."

           "Hey." He replied with a lopsided grin.

There went the butterflies.

         "How are you feeling?"

           I shrugged casually, trying not to show his smile was affecting me. "I'm alright."

          "Have you seen Kacey, yet?"

          "No. Thank God." I muttered.

          He chuckled. "Maybe she won't say anything to you."

           I raised my eyebrows at him, silently asking him if he really believed that.

          "Hey, you never know!"

          I shrugged and closed my locker. We walked down the hallway to our classes together, and as people snuck glances at me, I hoped Logan was right.

          My heart raced as I made my way to AP Calculus–the only class I had with Kacey.

          I hadn't seen her all day, but I had a strong feeling that the moment she did, she'd say something because, well, that's what she did best.

         As I neared the classroom, I thought of different comebacks to use–just in case. I walked through the door, keeping my head low so I didn't make eye contact if anyone (Kacey) was looking at me. I could hear everyone's whispers as I walked over to an empty desk towards the back of the room.

          What happened to her face?

          I don't know, but did you hear she got into a fight with Kacey at the party on Friday?

          Yeah, Kacey really beat her up.

          She and Kacey were fighting over Logan, and Kacey won.

          I heard she tripped down the stairs...

          I rolled my eyes and sat down onto the desk, finally looking up. People were staring, of course. It made me feel exposed and uncomfortable knowing everyone's eyes were on me. Logan was helping me work on my social issues, but I still wasn't used to, nor did I like, having everyone's eyes burning holes through my face.

          My eyes roamed around, coming to a stop when they landed on Kacey. She wasn't looking. She wasn't even paying attention to me.

          To say I was surprised was an understatement. Not that I was complaining, but it was so unlike her. Shouldn't she be making fun of my face right now? Or reminding everyone about what went down at the party?

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