Chapter 15

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Dinner with parents was awkward to say the least. Siddharth and I were not talking, not even looking at each other and I was confused with his behaviour. I tried to engage in a conversation with him but he brushed away all my efforts. Even our parents could see that something wasn't right.

We ate the food prepared by me and everybody praised my cooking skills except for the one person I wanted to. He didn't even say anything about the sweet dish that I prepared just for him, knowing very well that it's his favourite. I was disappointed with his behaviour but didn't let it show not wanting our parents to become more suspicious. Other than that I had a good time with them. Aarav didn't come as he went out with his friends.

While leaving, mom pulled me in a corner and asked "Is everything okay between you two?"

"Yes mom"

"Are you sure? I saw at the dinner how you guys were avoiding each other"

He was avoiding me to be correct.

"Mom it's just about a small argument we had earlier. Every couple fights but don't worry we'll resolve our issues. It's a lover's spat" I reassured her winking.

"Hmm you're right and also you guys aren't getting any alone time to understand each other" she said while I could see something cooking in her mind.

I agreed not listening to what she was saying but stared at Siddharth. He was busy talking to Dad and uncle. I wished for everything to go back the way it was before the doorbell rang, when he was being so nice to me.

I sighed deeply and came out of my thoughts when mom said "It's okay I know what to do"

What is she talking about?

But I didn't question her regarding this, not wanting to know what she was talking about. I already have so much problems in my life, can't add more to it.

They left soon and we bid our goodbyes. I cleared out everything while Siddharth worked on his laptop. I was waiting for him to say something regarding his earlier behaviour but when he didn't, I got angry and as much as I tried to keep quiet I couldn't and after tucking the end of my pallu in my saree and making a messy bun with my hair I asked "What is your problem?"

He looked up in confusion and then stared at me, at my bare waist to be specific. I faltered a bit but composing myself I started tapping my feet and his eyes moved to my face and said "Nothing"

His face was devoid of anything while here I was seething and gazing like a mad woman. That fuelled me more and I glared at him. I asked "Really? Then why are you behaving like this?"

"I'm behaving as I usually do"

"No you aren't because of which our parents got suspicious and my mom even asked me if anything was wrong between us. This was your plan and you yourself are trying to ruin it" I seethed.

"It's nothing. Next time I'll take more care" he answered simply.

Seeing him so careless about everything I couldn't control myself and I shouted "You're an asshole you know that? Here I am doing everything I can so that your shitty plan works and on the other hand you're being so casual about it. Everything is just a deal for you! You don't care if other people are getting hurt because of your stupid behaviour. You only care about you, you selfish jerk!"

He stood up while I was speaking and was getting angrier by each passing second, his eyes turned black as coal. He glared "I care about me? If I only cared about me I wouldn't be stuck in this stupid sham of a marriage with you! Because of our parents I said yes otherwise I wouldn't have married you ever! I love Antara and wanted her to be my wife not You, I love her not you" he ended not knowing how much his words were breaking my already fragile heart.

I was breaking from inside but I didn't want to give him the satisfaction of seeing that. I was standing strong by a little thread. Gathering all my strength I answered in a confident voice "Okay. I get it, don't worry I'll not be a disturbance anymore and I'll make myself scarce. I'll not act as your wife and we are just strangers stuck in this mess. But don't forget that even I didn't want to marry you, this is as much a shock for me as it is for you. I too was given no choice. I did what I had to for our parents. You're not the only victim here so for once in your life don't be a selfish jerk and think about other people too. Just because I don't crib like you every second it doesn't mean I am not affected by this. I too had dreams for my marriage and for my husband but as you can see they didn't get fulfilled and I am stuck with a heartless monster like you. But unlike you I'm not weak you Asshole" I shouted while glaring at him. I was just stopping myself from manhandling him.

He was looking at me in shock and was about to say something when I put my hand in front of me in a stop motion and left from there.

Once I loudly slammed the door of my room all my confidence from earlier crumbled and I laid myself on the bed and sobbed quietly not wanting him to hear.

I love Antara

Remembering his words I started crying more feeling pity for myself. He will never accept me as a part of his life. He will never love me. He will never forget her. For the first time in my life I was hating her, I wanted to call her and curse her for all the wrong doings in my life. It's because of her that I'm in this mess. All because of her selfishness. Yes they both are perfect for each other with their selfish nature.

Yet I couldn't hate him. How can I? When I love him with all my being. I breathe for him. I live for him. Unlike Antara Di my dream wasn't my career it was him. For me he'll always come first. I didn't want to show my weakness in front of him but how can I forget this fact that,

He is my weakness.


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