Hey! My name is Cale! I have REALLY long blonde hair and hazel eyes (They usually change colors when I wear different things.). This is my story and its going to tell you how I met the band! And my boyfreind Niall!


Cale? (this is in Cale's point of view!)

It was the saturday before spring break. I was in 11th grade. For once I had decided to ACTUALLY go somewhere. So since I had a few friends in England, I decided to go there. The airplane ride didn't take very long. I got to the hotel at 4:00 pm. "Huh." A crowd was gathered in the lobby. I looked in and heard "You're sooooo hot!" "OMG!" "IT"S REALLY THEM!" I just shook my head and went to check in. "You're not a fan of that new British/Irish boy-band?" "Who?" The checker just sighed and pointed into the area where the commotion was. I put my palm to my face and sighed. "I guess I have no choice but to find out who these new boys really are, do I?" "Not really. You'd get sucked into the crowd anyways..." I took my room key and shoved it in my pocket. Then I pulled out my phone and texted my best freind Nicole who was OBSESSED with that new band One Direction. I hadn't had a chance to listen to any of their music or look at a picture of them yet but I had a feeling that I would get sucked into that new trend soon too. I went to the mob of hopeless fans and pushed through. I heard a few cries of "Arse!" and a few things that were even worse than that. I ignored those cries and kept on shoving my way through the crowd. My hand went instinctively to my pocket and reached for my lucky Euro. I grasped it and continued shoving through the mob that kept getting larger and harder to get through. I, being an American, had no idea what to expect from those CRAZY fans! I finally got to the booth that was causing all the commotion and just stopped and stared. THOSE GUYS WERE HOT! Cheezus! What was I gonna have to do to get to meet that band? I sighed and pulled a piece of paper from my purse. I walked directly to the blonde one and asked if he could sign the paper. He just sat there and smiled at me. He signed the paper and left another note on there. The note read 'Call or text me sometime <3 Niall Horan'  Then came his number. I sighed and grabbed my autograph and walked away grasping my euro silently with a smirk on my face. I rushed up to my room and looked up the wifi passcode. Then I got on Facebook  and my newest post was 'Just found out who One Direction is!'  I then grabbed my phone and put the wifi on. Then I got on Instagram and posted a picture of the autograph next to my euro. The euro thing is kinda a thing I do when I post a picture on Instagram. It also said I JUST MET THE BEST AND NEWEST HOTTIE ON THE EARTH! AND HE IS IRISH TOO!


Niall? (This is Niall's point of view!)

When we got back in the van, bus, limo, thing, whatever you'd call it, I could only remember one face. The girl that I had given my number to. I was really surprised that she hadn't texted me the second she had left the booth. Oh. Here we go. My Facebook page had been blown up with things like "Why didn't you sign MY photo?" and "I LOVE YOUUUUUUU" I just sighed. I could definitely wait to check my Instagram! Bugger. Too many pictures of fangirls holding up a sign saying "LOVE YOU NIALL!" christ! I went to my messages waiting for a text from that girl. Just then I got one from some number that looked like it was from America! I did a facepalm as I read the text. "Do you have an extra Euro? ~ That girl at the booth that you gave your number to" I chuckled to my self and the guys just all stared at me. "What?" The guys just shook their heads. I responded to the text saying "Yes. I do. Why exactly do you need one? ~ <3 Niall Horan" Christ. I really needed to change that signature. Two minutes later, I got a response saying "I lost my lucky one." I just sat in thought at this reply for a minute. Then I realized that Louis was trying to get my attention. "Huh? What?" Those were my words as I came out of my daze. "We were thinking about going to Nando's!" I pressed the off button on my phone and thought about the situation at hand and the one IN my hand. I sighed and decided to go to Nando's with the guys. I mean what other choice did I have?_____________________________________________________________________________

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