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The nurses rushed a Jane Doe female into the emergency operation room. She was in critical condition.

"Do we have any information on her?"

"The paramedics found her in car, which was totaled badly, it was flipped over. She was non-responsive on the arrival.                    

The doctor grabbed the defibrillator and yelled, "Clear!"

Meanwhile in the lobby, a man ran inside to the front desk.

"I'm tryna' find my girl." He spoke.

"The name?"

"Demarie Carter."

"There isn't one in our system."

"They just brought her in, in the ambulance. She was in a accident with a 18-wheeler.'' The man says, frustrated.

"Sir, can you have a seat? I'll have someone come speak to you."

"Iight, thanks."

Short. Something slight for now.

I just had surgery,  so the first offical chapter will be up soon. (Whenever I'm not in pain.)

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