Chapter 43 - When It All Goes Wrong

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I have never been more nervous in my life as I walked slowly towards the crumbling building in front of me. I was sweating like a pig and for a number of reasons, but the biggest being that I was here. Where it all started. At that abandoned warehouse where my birth father was murdered. The very place I had been to after being in the cold water. Somewhere inside here there was going to be a door that would take me to my home planet. Besides the fact that I was going to find the gateway to another planet, I was going in blind. Bucky and Alex were both occupied and so I had nobody to talk to me through an earpiece or something. Which was fantastic seeing as I decided to initiate this plan in the early hours of this morning, knowing that there wouldn't be any civilians around should anything go wrong.

It felt so different as I walked up to the gates that were the only thing keeping me from getting in. I let my fingers wrap around one of the gate's beams, gripping it tightly as I looked up at the building looking over me. This is what I was brought here for. There was no use in getting cold feet now.

I pulled off the lock the was keeping the gates closed and then pushed the gate open. I felt a wave of energy as soon as my foot stepped into the territory, and I simply dismissed it as being nerves. I was nervous, no lie. I have no idea how this day will pan out. I was going into a building I didn't even know existed with no knowledge of it's plan and with no backup.

I pulled out a torch from a utility belt around my waist that I had borrowed from Bucky, who seemed to have a stash of emergency equipment should he be found by SHIELD. I got into the building and scrunched up my nose from the smell of decaying wood then pushed myself to continue with my plan. I slowly made my way around, making sure my footing didn't trigger any loose floorboards that may have become weak thanks to the decay.

I paused when I reached the stairs that led to the room that I had seen when I was placed under water, the smallest bit of fear in my chest, but I was quick to push it ​down. I hadn't even placed my foot down on the first step when I heard the entrance doors burst open and the shouting of agents fill the quietness that once was. That was my cue to move faster.

I ran up the stairs as quickly as I could, skipping steps as I went towards the door, my hand grabbing a hold of a small knife from my utility belt so that I was ready for anything. I kicked the door of the room open and stood there for a moment, staring at the wallpapered wall opposite me. It was just like in the "vision" - if I could call it that. I felt it calling me, almost telling me that this was what I meant to do.

I was interrupted once again, but this time by a familiar voice. "Put the knife down and turn slowly to face me."
I scoffed, turning my head to the side to glance at the redheaded agent in uniform who had a gun pointed in my direction. I shook my head and turned myself fully, putting the knife back in my belt. "You look like shit." I commented after taking a good look at her, with the space under her eyes were dark and skin incredibly pale. She was probably still recovering.
"Thanks." She replied with a small sigh. "Look, I don't want to fight you."
"No?" I rose my brows with a mock look of shock before turning my back to her and facing the wall again. "Then don't stop me." I muttered, lifting a hand up to peel away the wallpaper. I hadn't even touched these wall when a bullet was fired at my hand. Thank God for my reflexes.

Bucky had warned me to remain calm if anything should happen, and that I shouldn't lash out. But I couldn't help it. I whirled around and flicked my arm in the air, telepathically sending Nat flying across the room and in the wall.

"You are in no position to stop me from doing the right thing." I said, watching her sit up in her position as she gasped in pain. "It's my turn now to say that I don't want to fight you."
"Then surrender yourself to us. Make it easy for yourself-"
"I'm not surrendering!" I snapped, walking over to her slowly. "After everything I have been through, I'm not throwing the opportunity away. I will save my people and I will do it today." I told her kneeling down in front of her. "I won't let you stop me from-"

"Christina, stop." Another voice interrupted me, making both our heads turn in the direction of the door where Steve stood in his Captain America uniform, shield ready and mask on as he stared at me. I didn't say anything as I stood up and walked back over to the wall but doing my best to keep my attention on Natasha and Steve. Clearly, I wasn't paying enough attention as I felt something hit my back and a wave of electricity went through me, rendering me immobile and sending me to the floor.

I tried my hardest to move as I hissed in pain, only able to roll over to face the two and to see that May was on her feet and pointing her gun at me. I couldn't help but laugh patronisingly, fighting the pain that was still buzzing through me. "Did that feel good now that you've done it?" I asked her, receiving a scoff and a shake of her head. I could tell that Steve was confused with what was going but before any of us could say anything more, an agent came through the door with a gun at the ready.

"Captain, they've searched the penthouse," he told Steve who nodded his head as a cue for him to continue. "Barnes isn't to be found, sir. There's not a single trace of him. No clothes, no prints, no food. All that's left is her stuff." The agent nodded his head towards me discreetly but I didn't care. I let out a sigh of relief and smiled, lying on my back.

"He's fine. He's safe." I whispered to myself just as Natasha walked over, her gun pointed at my face. "Are you going to shoot me again?" I asked sarcastically, still recovering from the first shot.
"I told you I didn't want to fight. But I can't risk you throwing me, or anybody else across the room." She answered, not at all hesitating as her finger went to the trigger. There was a small moment where Steve tried to argue against Natasha, but he wasn't quick enough. She had already pressed the trigger, and I was ready this time with my eyes closed as the ray of electricity hit my face. It took me a while before I was out, and I felt as I'd been thrown into this state of high that was painful and numbing at the same time. And the o lying I could think to myself was that Bucky was safe.

He was safe.

And the plan was still intact.


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