1. Cold Days with Hot Chocolate

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So sorry it's a day late! Anyway, here is a kickoff chapter for the new one shot book. I also decided to keep the Harry Potter One Shot just so you could get a sample of what I write. Without further ado, let's get reading!

Your P.O.V

      Nico and I decided to take a break from camp and travel to the mortal world for a while. We are currently staying in New York. However, it's not exactly the best idea since it's the middle of December, but oh well.
      I was in a hotel room fixing up some hot chocolate for Nico and I since it was a cold day. I added some marshmallows to add a cutesy touch to the tasty drink as Nico walked in. Perfect. The hot chocolate was done just in time!  "Hey (Y/ N), what are you doing?", said Nico. "Oh, I just made some hot chocolate. Want some?", I replied. He shrugged, "Why not".
      I handed him a cup of coco and warned him to be careful since it was just made. But what does Nico do? Drink it too early and burn his tongue! "I don't wanna toot my own horn, but I told you so!", I said. "Yeah, yeah. Oh, and I like the marshmallows." I laughed and started setting up the movies and snacks. By the time we had finished our hot chocolate, we were already on our second movie of the night: Harry Potter and Order of the Phoenix. I cried quite a bit, but luckily I had Nico there to comfort me, as well as food. We had chips, popcorn, candy and soda to put the cherry on top of our night together. Every movie night needs snacks!
After the movie, we went out for a late night walk at the park. We did some stargazing. There wasn't a single cloud in the sky. As the stars glimmered softly, I turned over to Nico. "I'm glad we got a break. It was very well-needed." I said happily. Nico gave a slight smile and nodded. "Agreed. Too bad it's our last night here." The cool wind blew gently as Nico and I got up from our seats in the moist grass and headed back to the hotel in a comfortable silence. It was a pretty good night, all in all. I hope we can have more good times like these!
We walked back into camp after a long night and was greeted by Percy. He glanced at us and gave a sly smirk while raising his eyebrows.
"Sooo. Did you guys... fondue?"
Nico and I just stared at him and screamed, "PERCY!". We rolled our eyes and sighed. "No, you idiot. I swear, you really do have seaweed for brains.", I said. Percy just gave a laugh and shrugged. I couldn't lie, it was good to be back. There is never a dull moment here at Camp Halfblood.

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