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THE MEMORY OF her mother still haunted her to this day.

She was beautiful; long brown hair that fell in waves around her angular, ageless face. Her eyes were the same chocolate brown as Leila's were, making her ever more similar to her mother in so many aspects.

Jennifer Kane (nee Gibson) was a woman well respected among the inhabitants of the Ark. Top of the class in doctoring, it was she that everyone fought to see when they came down with even a mild case of a stomach bug.

She was like Leila in many aspects of her appearance and personality; brown eyes, kind smile, always throwing out sarcastic comments.

As of present, Leila lay on one of the numerous couches throughout the Ark, her head resting on Bellamy's chest as their legs curled together to prevent one from falling without the other. Bellamy's arm was wrapped around Leila's shoulder and the hand that was free had landed on her waist.

They didn't often get to sit like this – two normal human beings having a normal lazy day. They weren't normal.
In fact, they were as not-normal as people come.

Bellamy looked down at Leila, who was quite content in her position. "Tell me about your mom."

Leila looked up at him. "What do you want to know?"

"Why she got floated," Bellamy replied. "What she looked like, her job, friends, family..."

Leila smiled. "My mom was beautiful. I have her eyes and her hair, and she had the kindest smile ever. She was a doctor and performed surgeries alongside Abby, which is how and why Clarke and I are friends. She didn't have any family members; a few grandparents that I never met. My only grandma came from my dad's side of the family. Mom was funny, sarcastic and serious all at the same time... that's really all there is to tell."

Bellamy, who wasn't quite happy with his answer, raised an eyebrow. "You never told me what caused her to get floated."

A sad looked crossed Leila's face like a cloud across the sun on a bright day, darkening the mood considerably. "That's a different story..."


Fifteen year old Leila Kane was sick.

She had come down with a common cold after just coming off the back of a bout of the flu, which made her condition ten times worse. She was coughing well into the night, sneezing at all hours of the day, and her eyes and nose kept running.

Marcus Kane was unable to stand listening to his daughter cough during the night. He had to be up early every morning due to his line of work, yet he was kept up during the night by his sick daughter.

Jennifer Kane had noticed her husband's disapproval of his short sleeping schedule and intended to fix it. So, one night after everyone had left for their homes, Jennifer stole from the medical supply, taking only a small amount of decongestants to soothe we daughter's racket.

Stealing was forbidden on the Ark, which meant that when people found out, you died.

Jennifer intended to explain to her husband why she did it; why she stole from the Ark's resources, yet never got around to telling anyone but her daughter. Marcus had discovered the empty medicine bottle and gone straight to the Chancellor, unaware that he was sentencing his wife to death.

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