♪ |Handsome Jack| "Clarity" ♪

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'I dive in the frozen waves

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'I dive in the frozen waves. Where the past comes back to life.'

The girl remained breathless, her body shaking with fear, her heart racing in her ears. Her mind continued to walk along the cobbles of her torture. Her torture of being the girlfriend of the Hyperion leader Handsome Jack.

'Fight fear for the selfish pain; it was worth it every time.'

She feared the man, but she loved him dearly, her love for him was far stronger than her fear, thus making her stay by his side, she had everything though, she had him, Hyperion at her fingertip. It was worth it every time the girl thought about it.

'Hold still right before we crash, Cause we both know how this ends.'

The grasp around her arm was strong as he pulled her to his chest, looking over Pandora, yet she didn't mind. Instead, she held him in her arms for as long as she could, the grasp would only end up around her neck leaving her breathless. Until he's gone, leaving her with a passionate kiss, the chains that bound the girl to him.

'Our clock ticks till it breaks your glass, and I drown in you again.'

He leaves her alone in their room, a clock ticking in the corner, each tick knocking off a second of her torture. Another second free of his grasp. The tainted love breaks her soul, it tries to tell her she must leave, but her heart loves him, bringing her to drown in her obsession.

'Cause you are the piece of me, I wish I didn't need.'

He completed her; she knew he loved her. And indeed he did, he just didn't know how to care for her. That's what she told herself. The girl wished for some freedom that she wanted deep down.

'Chasing relentlessly, I still fight, and I don't know why.'

He chased her through the hallways; her heart raced, water fell from her eyes as she continued to run. Him slowly gaining behind her. She let out a small laugh of some sort as Jack grasped her tightly. Her mind slowly began to deteriorate. She needn't struggle, she looked into his eyes, he frowned slightly, looking at her diminishing state of mind and embraced her.

'If our love is tragedy why are you my remedy.'

Even though it hurt, physically and mentally, every breath she took, was because of him, he was her medicine for the pain, her salvation. Hers only.

'If our loves insanity why are you my clarity.'

He made everything in this world clear for the young female; she couldn't help but love him, he showed her everything, the love remained tainted for now.

'Walk on through a red parade, and refuse to make amends.'

Another hit, blood fell from her face as the room fell silent, she looked towards him, refusing to smile for once. It hurt her, not because of him, because she didn't do anything about it when she could have done.

'It cuts deep through our ground, and makes us forget all common sense.'

A small beam of light came from her eyes, dripping down, her very soul seeped from her, even that had, had enough of him. The light surrounded her as if trying to protect her like a child. She stood, trying to move towards him, losing all her common sense.

'Don't speak as I try to leave, cause we both know what we'll choose.'

Her figure begins to walk away from the man, a few years later. He looks towards her; a sad expression plastered his face. The girl looked glum as she hung her head, one moment. That's all it took, she looked back to him and. Ran to his arms, he embraced her gently, being careful not to hurt her.

'If you pull, then I'll push too deep, and I'll fall right back to you.'

She fell into his trap once more. She thought she'd be safe. The clock will reset as well as his love towards her, once the clock strikes midnight, her voice will stop, her lungs will deflate, her smile will fade, her tears will forever stain her cheeks, and she will die.

'Cause you are the piece of me, I wish I didn't need.'

He loved her; he embraced her regularly, his touch more gentle and loving. He needed her, but she was a drug of some sort to him, he shouldn't have her, but he needed to feed his addiction.

'Chasing relentlessly, still fight and I don't know why.'

He couldn't hold back the love for her much longer, every kiss more passionate by the second, every hug more protective than the last, each sorrowful apology, more meaningful than the last.

'If our love is tragedy, why are you my remedy?'

She was now his remedy, every kiss he was given from the girl meant the world. She no longer feared the man for he had changed. For what she hoped. She wasn't safe yet. But for now she was, and that's all she wanted.

'If our loves insanity, why are you my clarity.'

The clock struck a new day once more, a hit here, a kick there. A foul name afterward. Tears could barely fall from her eyes; it hurt to move as she gasped for breath on the cold floor, blood pooled underneath her weak body as she shook, her pale face growing gray. The clock struck twelve.

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