LXX - Mates?

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Indianna and Brooke walked into the kitchen and joined Greyson, Harry, Kal, Ace, Kirstie and Mac at the table.

"Where's your dad?" Indianna asked Greyson as Laura started placing plates full of delicious smelling food in front of everyone.

"With my bitch of a cousin," Greyson said and rolled his eyes.

"What happened?" Indianna asked loudly, looking to Laura.

"Turns out Kimberly witnessed the whole ceremony," Laura sighed and took the seat on Indianna's left. "To say she was shocked was quite the understatement."

"Can we not talk about her? I couldn't give a shit," Greyson said and Indianna elbowed him.

"What happened when we left?" Indianna asked.

"She freaked out," Laura said. "We managed to get her back to the house and we had to tell her everything."

Greyson dropped his fork to the table and choked on his food. "You what!" He demanded, turning to glare at his mother. "Are you insane, she's human!"

"I wouldn't even classify her as that," Kal whispered. "Her hair is the same colour of a pig. It's ridiculous."

Indianna bit her lip to stop a chuckle and she looked at Greyson who didn't look happy. "What were you thinking?" Greyson snapped.

"Watch your tone with me, young man!" Laura scolded. "You may have forgotten but I was the Luna of this pack. Your father and I do know what we are doing."

"Really?" Greyson scoffed. "It sure seems like it!"

*Greyson, stop it!* Indianna gasped. *I'm sure Laura and Mark did what they think was best.*

Greyson turned to Indianna. "It's stupid. Telling a human about us."

Harry coughed loudly and Brooke raised her eyebrows at Greyson. "Excuse me?" She questioned. "What were you saying?"

"She has no ties you this world," Greyson said. "You're different Brooklyn. You shouldn't have told her, mother."

"Greyson, you are the one who said you didn't care about her," Indianna pointed out. "You can't blame Laura when you told her and Mark to deal with Kimberly themselves."

Greyson pursed his lips, ignoring Indianna because he knew she was right. "So what is happening with her now?"

"She's freaking out," Laura explained. "It's hard for human's to accept this world. It's a shock for them. It was a shock for me."

"I second that," Brooke called.

"It's even harder for Kimberly because she has no ties to us," Laura carried on. "She has no mate, no family that are werewolves. This is all a shock for her."

"We can always send her home," Greyson said.

"She is under our care," Laura said sternly. "We have to help her understand this world."

"Not we," Greyson said and shook his head. "You."

"Yeah, if you think I'm going anywhere near that slut after she tried to kiss Mac then you're delusional, mum," Kirstie spoke up and Mac wrapped his arm round her shoulder, calming Kirstie before she got angry.

Laura sighed and shook her head. "I made everyone a nice breakfast after last nights events, enjoy it and we can discuss Kimberly later."

"It tastes great," Kal said through a mouthful of food. "Thanks Laura."

"You're welcome, Kal," Laura smiled and everyone paused when Mark walked into the kitchen followed by Kimberly. All eyes went to her and she swallowed, shrinking back when Greyson's glared at her.

"What? No harsh remark?" He said sarcastically. "Cat got your tongue? Or should I say wolf?"

Kimberly paled and Mark scowled at Greyson. "Don't, son," Mark said sternly. "Kimberly, take a seat."

It was clear that Kimberly wasn't welcome here. If it weren't for Mark and Laura then Greyson would have kicked her out a long time ago. Kimberly gulped, thinking about how the people in this room shifted into huge dogs.

They could kill her. Very easily.

She glanced at Greyson and tensed, trying to look tough.

Laura stood from the table and passed Kimberly a plate as she sat down in a spare seat next to Brooke.

"Indie, Brooke," Mark said as he sat at the head of the table. "How are you feeling?"

"Fine," Brooke nodded which made Harry roll his eyes and shake his head. "I am, really. I'm fi-"

Harry pressed his fingers to Brooke's lips and shook his head. "If you say that word one more time I am not going to be happy," he warned and Mark turned to Indianna.

"I've been better," she said truthfully. "It will heal soon though."

"Good," Mark smiled. "You two were very brave."

"We're just so amazing," Brooke said cheekily and smiled brightly.

"That's debatable," Greyson commented and smirked when Indianna and Brooke glared at him.

"Someone pass me the ketchup," Kal called.

"Ketchup with eggs?" Ace questioned and Kal shrugged.

"Yes. Ketchup can go with anything," Kal said matter of factly and Kimberly looked at the bottle of ketchup in front of her. She slowly lifted the bottle and reached across the table. Kal gave Kimberly a not so nice look as he grabbed the bottle, but the second he did his face went blank.

Greyson, Harry and Ace all looked at Kal instantly and their mouths dropped at the same time the ketchup bottle did, shattering into pieces on the dining room table.

Indianna frowned and looked at Kal who was frozen in his seat, his arm outstretched still. Kimberly matched everyone else's shocked expressions and she looked around, wondering what had just happened.

"What did she do this time?" Kirstie asked, narrowing her eyes at Kimberly.

"She touched me," Kal said, his voice barely a whisper. Indianna had never heard him be so quiet.

"You shocked me!" Kimberly snapped, her bitchy confidence coming out. "Don't look at me like I'm the mental one."

"Oh," Indianna gasped and looked up at Greyson who had pursed his lips.

"Well," he said and looked at Kal, "I guess any chances of getting rid of her just went out the window."

"I've never seen him so quiet," Harry said, finding amusement in Kal's situation.

"What's going on?" Kimberly demanded and Kal suddenly stood up.

"Out of everyone I had to get stuck with a mate who thinks having a hair the same colour of a pig is good," he said loudly and Indianna noted how Kimberly looked a little hurt at this. "And she's a bitch. How wonderful for me!" Kimberly looked very hurt now.

"Mates?" Kimberly questioned.

"How didn't they know when she first came here?" Indianna whispered.

"Not all mates know they are mates until they touch," Greyson explained.

"Well at least she won't be trying it on with you anymore," Kirstie said and kissed Mac's cheek.

"I-I've got to go!" Kal blurted and he rushed for the door, but not before doubling back and grabbing his plate.

"I'll go see how he is," Ace said and followed Kal out of the room.

"Exactly how much did you tell her about werewolves?" Greyson wondered, looking at his parents.

"I didn't get as far as mates," Mark said, looking quite shocked at this new revelation.

"Well," Greyson said and glanced at Kimberly. "You're in for a shock."

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