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Part 1

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Part 1

This is my story for whoever wants to know the truth. Everything I'm about to explain are my accounts of the past events that have consumed and ruined my life, marriage, and relationship with my son.

No one is to blame but me for the path I took, or the road I'm still on. My name is David Sorrento and for the last 15 years I've devoted my life to trying to track down the thing that I witnessed mutilate my best friend and his family.

Ok, enough with the formalities. The things I'm about to tell you are going to make you think I'm bat shit crazy, but I swear on my life these are the exact memories seared and etched in my mind. I became a cop, and then detective on the homicide unit, so I could keep following and retracing leads that were collected and put in the case files back in 1996. Similar MO's and bloody trails of destroyed lives are all I've had to go on. No suspects, no eye witnesses or artist sketches, just horrific crime scenes.

The thing you have to understand is what I've been looking for is not just your average middle aged white male, skitzo serial killer with daddy issues. The face I saw cut my friend to shreds was not human. I went through shit tons of therapy sessions and countless meds throughout my teenage years. Parents and therapists working hard to convince me that what I saw was not a demon, just a man. The police hounded me for years insisting I saw the man and could identify him, I just needed to get over the shock of what took place. Unfortunately for them, that day never came.

At the age of fourteen Jason Merit was my best friend. We grew up living next door to each other getting in trouble and doing stupid shit. From watching our first horror flicks to messing around with girls, we were like brothers. Our houses here in the suburbs of Houston, TX were like postage stamp lots, and my upstairs bedroom window was even with his, and close enough to spit on. We would sneak out often as teenagers, slipping out our windows and sliding down the eaves, and hitting the ground damn near side by side. Girls became our main objective as both of us were decent looking guys. I'm half Italian so I've got the natural bronze skin, tall dark and handsome and all that. Jason was the total opposite, blonde hair, blue eyes. Normal all American type of guy.

Now the night in question, the first night to the beginning of the rest of my life, was no different than any other Saturday night at that time. We slipped out our windows and our feet hit the pavement down the street to a girls house. God, I can't even remember her name now. We hung out there for a while, I sat bored because there were supposed to be two girls but turned out there was only one. For Jason of course. After the flirting then the hour long make out session until 1 a.m. we decided to hit the road back home. Once we got to our drive ways we fist bumped like usual (remember this was the late 90's) and headed up to our rooms.

I plopped down on my bed and turned on my t.v. thinking about the night we'd just had and what we would do tomorrow. I tossed and turned unable to sleep which was nothing new to me, I suffered night terrors as a child so insomnia became a part of my life and routine. As I laid staring blankly at the television screen, I decided to pull back curtain to peek over at Jason's room to see if perhaps for some reason he was awake still also. His blinds were pulled up as usual and there was a flicker of light throughout his bedroom from his television, no sign of Jason though. I figured he was down for the count, but as I started to close my curtain and look away I saw some movement from the corner of my eye.

It was him, Jason was slowly back peddling with his hands up as if he was pleading with someone. My first thought was it was his step dad, Mike, who was a total dick and on Jason's ass twenty four seven. As I sat palms sweating because of what I thought was going to be a beating from his step father, my predictions were terrifyingly interrupted. Jason was struck in the head and his body dropped immediately to the floor. In this surreal moment I felt like I was watching this on a movie screen, hands trembling, sweating, and scared out of my mind. Then there it was. A mans body, arms and head shape, but it's face. It's disgusting, horrific face stood over him with a happily disturbed grimace glaring down toward where Jason was obviously lying.

I pulled the curtain closed leaving just enough space for my eyes to peek through. I was frozen as I watched the beast kneel down over Jason and thrust what appeared to big a large knife over and over into Jason's lifeless corpse. The monster stood up and stared at his demented artwork, as if he was taking a second to admire his accomplishment. Then as if he knew I was watching the entire time, he looked over at me. I was in a frozen state of shock, and couldn't take my eyes away from this thing. It's skin looked almost melted, snarling grin full of gnarled teeth, and the eyes. The eyes were like looking into a bottomless pit of nothing. As black as you can imagine and I felt like there was nothing inside them. Just a vast void of darkness.

I knew right here, at this moment, I was looking at real evil. No horror story bullshit, this was TRUE evil. I felt a cold chill to my core as this demonic figure stared into my eyes for what felt like a lifetime.The image of this monster gleaming at me in the flickering light of the television has got to be the most erie memory a person could carry with them. I caught my snap and jumped back from the window, my mind racing not knowing what to do. What about Jason's parents? Where they dead already? Where they next? What about me? I saw the thing it's got to be coming for me next right? I sprinted to my bedroom door and locked it, then sat down on the floor in between my bed and the wall as if that was going to hide or protect my if that bastard come into my room. That's where I sat shaking until the sun came up and I heard the sounds of sirens

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