Teaser 1

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    He found himself unable to tear his gaze from the male whose hair seemed to have touched by the sun itself.

    He was so engrossed with watching the male and his companions, that he did not notice when Sori landed.

    The shorter, long brown haired, brown-eyed female tip toed up behind Syn and tickled his sides.

     Syn yelped and spun around clutching his chest, his eyes wide. “Sori! You scared the shit out of me!”

    Sori laughed so hard she fell onto the ground nearly crushing her wings. “It was totally worth it! You should have seen the look on your face! Priceless, I tell you, Priceless!”

    “Ha ha… What do you want?” Syn rolled his eyes as he snapped at the girl.

    “Don’t get your boxers in a bunch. Sheesh, Syn, you’d think I was interrupting something. O’Syra sent me to find you. Luckily I happened to know where you seem to always be.” She replied placing her hands on her wide hips.

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