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ALSO above is the dress Logan's wearing fyi

33 | " Better without it. "

"You look nice for someone that is willing to sleep twenty-two hours a day."

Luke's voice filled the silenced room once he entered it and looked at his angelic girlfriend. He stood perplexed in the doorway, watching how the brunette brushed her straightened hair once more for the finishing touch.

She turned her head with a smile as she placed the brush back down, "I'm representing Mr Hotmings, what else did you expect?"

Luke smiled at her small giggle, watching how she sat down onto the bed to buckle her strappy heels. "Well, I did expect you to look like your beautiful self, but you're so out of my limit."

Logan smiled softly while shaking her head, standing back up once her shoes were securely strapped around her ankles. "You look absolutely incredible as well, Mr Hemmings."

Her arms wrapped around his neck once she came close enough to touch him and reach her arms around him. She deeply looked him in the eyes, once in a while they darted down to watch his kissable lips. "I like these kind of shirts on you," She mentioned quietly, placing her hands onto his chest where her palms met the fabric of his black shirt.

"I know you do," Luke answered, "That's exactly why I'm wearing it now," He laughed softly, his hands now placed onto her waist, the silky fabric of her nude colored dress feeling nice and cold underneath his touch.

Logan couldn't help but roll her eyes at the teasing mood her boyfriend was in right now. She was aware he was trying to torture her by looking fine as hell, and he was surely succeeding.

Her hands found their way underneath the collar of the button up, where they were now resting on his collar bones. The brunette watched how her boyfriend was intently looking down at her, bottom lip caught in between his teeth.

"You didn't think you were the only one that was capable of teasing without finishing it now, would you?"


The fundraising party Luke got invited to wasn't exactly what Logan had expected it to be. It was fancy yes, but she didn't expected to see so many young influencers instead of old money making millionaires.

"This is just a come-together for young CEO's and their staff," Luke had just told her, and Logan must've guessed he saw the confused look on her face. "Although I'm not completely sure why."

Logan chuckled at that, feeling how Luke's hand tangled with hers as they watched how Calum and Michael walked in. They came here together to just show their faces and raise some money for the fundraising. Ashton wasn't able to come, considering Jackie didn't feel very well due to pregnancy reasons.

"Hey man! Fancy to see you here with your beautiful date," Calum smiled, bro-hugging Luke as the both of them smiled widely.

Logan noticed it had been a while since the two men saw each other, and she kind of felt guilty for keeping Luke to herself due to all the drama that was currently going on. She had never managed to talk about it properly, and wasn't sure if Michael and Calum even knew about it, but if they did she didn't really mind. They were her friends as well after she got to know the two of them better, and she even started to think they felt like non-biological brothers to her.

"Hi!" Logan chuckled before taking both of the guys in one hug, leaving her boyfriend to the side for a second before returning back to her previous spot, "Luke didn't tell me you two were going to be here so early, since when do you like being on time Mike? No offense."

Calum snickered at her words although he regained his serious posture quickly, thanks to a smack against the back of his head from Michael.

"Since I sensed there would be single girls here and my boss encouraged me to look for a girlfriend, apparently pizza can't be my date for tonight." Michael answered casually, darting his eyes towards Luke once Michael mentioned his boss.

It was still weird to see Michael, Calum and Ashton as employees at Luke's business because Luke was a few years younger than his friends. It was great to see how the friends still got a strong bond, even while working together.

"Are you still free?" Michael joked, sending a way too exaggerated wink Logan's way, only to cause the group to laugh at his little and lame joke.

"She isn't," Luke immediately answered, his face setting up into a proud smile, "This girl is officially mine now, so now flirting."

Calum started clapping his hands slowly once Luke's words filled his ears, "Well, fucking finally. I was starting to get scared you might've lost the Hemmings charm, but apparently it's still there."

Luke laughed and smiled down at his lovely girl, pressing a soft kiss against her temple before he excused himself and her from his best friends. "Now that that's out of the way, uh-" He muttered, sighing softly before looking back at her, "My brother Jack told me he wants to meet you. Don't know when and I'm not sure how he knows about us- except for the fact he reads gossip magazines and follows me on Instagram-"



"You're rambling once again."

"Oh, am I? Shit, I am."

She chuckled and placed her hands onto his cheeks, brushing her thumbs over the heated and rosy skin. Locking gazes with him, she grinned, "I'd love to meet your brother," She told him.

Releasing a sigh, Luke nodded his head. "Great! Alright, okay."

"Yeah," Logan laughed and shook her head before letting her hands slide down to his chest, fingers wrapping around the collar of his shirt. "What do you think about some relaxation?"

Luke's breath hitched in his throat and he felt his cheeks become rosy once again, although he didn't care. His face was hidden in the crook of her neck once her words fell from her glossed lips, and he was one hundred percent sure he knew what she meant.

"Fantastic idea," He spoke up hoarsely, "You look phenomenal in that dress, but I'm sure you'll look even better without it."

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