Chapter 7- Unknown Feelings

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Aron’s POV


“Hey! You looked like a monkey! It’s creepy smiling alone!” Ren said, throwing some pillow in my head. I caught the pillow and ignore the guy beside me. Who cares? I’m so damn happy today.

“Ren, leave him alone. You don’t want to be affected in his virus, right?”

“Right. I’ll stay away now.”

“Hey!” I shouted at them. “What are you saying? I’m just smiling here.”

“Yeah..” Baekho reacted. “If I know she’s the reason why..”

“Of course..” I answer proudly.

“But Hyung don’t she have to know the truth?” This time, it’s Jr. I just shrugged my shoulders. That’s what it troubles me.. On how to tell her everything..

In this world, lie isn’t a bad thing, well, not always.. Sometimes we need to lie to protect someone. I’m protecting her because if ever she knew this time, I’m afraid on how it affects her.. White lies. I know her very well.. I know what exactly her reaction will be.. She had enough in her life, I don’t want to add more trouble to her. It’s enough even if I’m the one who’s struggling..

Life is full of lies..

Back to her POV


Today, I’m not really ok.. I had this severe headache and I just can’t lose my subject and work. I often experience this when I have my monthly period. Well, I think I can able to hold on this..

I did my routine. Woke up earlier than Aron and cook for breakfast. Aron disapprove on letting me, but in the end he just let me do the chores..

“Why do I feel like you’re different today?” I froze on the spot and tilted my head to see his frown.

“H-huh? I’m not! I’m perfectly fine today..”

“But you look so pale. Look at your lips, it’s like you don’t have blood.. Are you sick?”

“I-I’m not.. I’m fine, really..”

“Uhh, okay.. If you say so..” I deeply sighed. Phew, I thought he’ll ask for more.. I drank my milk straight and stood up. He looked at me questioningly.

“Sorry Aron, I really need to go first. I need to go to my work first to fix something. I’ll clean this up later, bye!”

“Hey wait!” I stop and looked at him. He stood up and get something and I just want to hit myself when he gave me that thing. My lunchbox! I almost forgot!

“Here. Don’t be late at school, ok? And don’t worry about the dishes, I can take care of it..”


“One more thing..”


“Why don’t you just… Leave your work?”


“It’s pretty hard being a working student..”

I smiled but it didn’t reach my eyes. “I need to.”

“No, I’ll pay your tuition and other expenses. I just think it’s better if you’ll focus more on studying.. You find it hard to cope up in class because you’re always tired from work.”

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