Of Heaven and Earth

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With a click of two little wheels winding together voices started to come out of a small voice-recorder that’d been placed on center of the table in front of everyone. No one knew why it was there, that muggle contraption that certainly had no use in the Wizarding World. Yet, pondering over the voice-recorder was less useless as its meaning so they perked up their ears, sat straighter on their chairs, and listened carefully.

“Under the jurisdiction of the Ministry,"—And the first voice to sound around the room was that of Teddy Lupin, Auror—"you were informed about your rights and lack thereof being convicted Death Eater almost two decades ago. You’re to answer all the questions during this interrogation with complete honesty, and if it's dictated that you are lying, Veritaserum will be issued to gain the truth."

There was a pause, the voice-recorder making a sound like if it had been stopped and then fast-forward.

"You're saying that Tanya Rowle had blackmailed you into joining her and the group of witches and wizards she’d collected for her destructive plans?"

"Yes." A different voice responded.

"In your earlier interrogation with the Head Auror, you stated that you were forced to participate in the attack at the French Embassy, which later led to a confrontation between Rowle's small army and our Ministry officials and where Percy Weasley was taken hostage."

"…I did."

"Was that a lie, Mister Goyle?" Auror Lupin asked the prisoner.

There was a brief pause. "..Not completely."

"What else were you aware of, Mister Goyle? What else did Tanya Rowle let slip to you about her plans?"

"I knew that she planned on attacking Luna Thomas. I-I….I knew she was keeping tabs on the Malfoy family, but I never assumed it was to cause them harm."

A small scoff was heard coming out of the voice-recorder. Almost like the interrogator was not entirely convinced with the explanation. "What else, Mister Goyle?"

"I didn't do this to hurt anyone. Malfoy is my friend."

"From what history shows, Mister Goyle, Seamus Finnegan and Luna Thomas were your 'friends' too. Except, you actually let one of them die."

"I didn't know about Finnegan!" The prisoner protested, sounding outraged.

Another short pause was given. "If your loyalties were with the Malfoy family, why did you not report any of it to the Ministry? Mister Malfoy is an Auror, and every citizen of the British Ministry knows perfectly well that its protection-program is one of the best in the Wizarding World."

"You don't understand." A choppy breath exited the tiny speakers of the voice-recorder; sending out waves of frustration from the prisoner's side. "I have…I had," more frustration, “my family’s the most important thing to me. I love my wife with all of my heart, and my children…they're Merlin's blessing to me. I couldn't risk them." Another puff of air was heard. "Tanya threatened to eliminate them all. I tried protecting them…I asked for the Ministry's help, I was preparing a plan so my children had something to fall back on when I realized Tanya was going to end up killing Pavarti and I. But until then, I couldn't risk them. The problem was not with my kids, but with my wife and me.

“And when you're a father…you're willing to sacrifice anything for your children. And I was willing to give up my life or possibly my freedom for them...Just so they'd get a chance at life."

There was a silence—silence taken by the Auror who was leading the interrogation. Something that the recorder did not show because it had no eyes, but in that exact moment, Teddy Lupin pondered over his own parents with the saddest gaze.

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