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I grab the bracelets i had transfigured last night and the original one and made my way down stairs but Hermione came running up to me"About yesterday......

but i cut her off "we will talk later but i hafe to do something right now"I say

"Well can I come?"Hermione asks "No sorry"I say and she says ok sadly and walks off,i would let he come but then she will see her christmas present.

I walk down to Proffessor Lupins classroom hoping his there while singing One direction songs,I wish i could meet them.

I knock on th door of the classroom"Come in "Lupin says

I walk in and wlak up to the desk,He is marking classwork and homework"Oh charlotte what can I help you with"He says

"Well i got a christmas present for ginny wesley and its a bracelet that can communicate with another person with the other bracelet and it glitterers when the other person is near and glows red when they are in trouble but the other bracelet was destroyed but i transfigured two other bracelets that look the same but i was wondereing if you could somehow make all of them have the same powers as the original one so we can communicate with each other"I say showing him the three braclets.

"Well icwould love to help but i domt think i would be able to do that but ask Professor Flitwick and he can do it for you,as he is the charms teacher,i am sure he will be very happy if you asked him to do that for you"He said

"Alright then i will go and ask him now,thankyou,i just thought i would ask you because i feel more comfortqble to talk to you"I say and i pick up the braclets and turn around to leave.

"Wait Charlotte I have a question" he says "yes "i turn around to see himgetting up.

"Who are your parents?"He asks "My mum was called Hannah Black but she was killed and i dont know who my dad is,i was sent to an orphamage and i have an adoptive father called Mark, why"I say

He just looks at me with shock and starts muttering under his breath " Is your biogical father Sirius Black"He asks "No!"i say why does everyone think that.

"Ok well um let me know if you ever find out who your father is because i think i know who your parents are"he says

"Really"i say excited "Yes i knew a woman called Hannah Black and you look so much like her"Hes says

"Well i will let you know if i do find out and i hope she is my mum because then you can tell me all about her"I say smiling walking out

I walk to Professors flitwick classroom and knock the door "Come in"I hear a squeaky voice,i walk in the room to see professor flitwick with alot of books around him.i walk up to the very small professor.

I tell him all about the qualities of the braclets and ask if he can charm the other braclets to do the same.

Of course,i would love to,can i see them"He says and i hand him the original one and the other two.

He said a couple of complicated spells and handed it back to me"That should be it but if there is anything else just come down and i will add more charms to anything."Thank you so much"I say smiling happily "Bye have a good christmas"I say because i might not talk to him again before christmas as christmas in a couple of days.

"Thank you,you too"He says smiling and getting back to work.

*In gryffindor *

might aswell see if the braclets work now . I press the biggest charm in the middle of my braclet say Ginny (The braclets are charmed then say so we know who they belong too) "communicare" i say and then ginnys bracelet glows at the biggest charm and i press her and it works i can hear my voice in it and it is also sparkling because both the braclets ar beside each other.So all the braclets are working and are reading to be kept away untill christmas eve,i put Hermiones braclet in the box the woman give me in the shop because it looks like her wand with her braclets colour on it it is the white box with turquoise and green leaves and vines going all around it. i need to transfigure boxes for Ginny and me.Because Hermiones box looks like her wand i will make our boxes look like our wands with the colours of or braclets on it.

I find two small boxes and i start with Ginnys box,i imagine a wooden box with curves,lines and circles ingraved into it with light blue and purple colours in the ingraved shaps and oitlining the shapes and i open my eyes and thats how it turns out.

I imagine mine next,a wooden box with a dark blue,light blue and purple marble effects,some of the colours of my braclet and my wand and because my wand has d

gems incraved in it,i imagine a couple of lighter colours of blue and gold gems and diamonds over it like my wand.

i look down at all three braclets and boxes and i have did a pretty good job at making it like our wands and braclets joined,all of them are so pretty.

i wrap the all up all the presents for everyone,and put them under the bed.

I hear the door creak open and look up.Hermione is standing there and i just geture for her to come over.

"So why did Harry take a fit at me"I say

"Well Harry found out that Sirius Black told Voldemort where his parents were so he basically helped killed his parents, he also found out that Sirius is his godfather but dont tell anyone he dosn't want anyone to know so he was very angry and upset at that and he also found out that...."She paused and looked like she didnt want to countinue.

"Yes"I say wanting to find out

"He found out that Sirius Black is your dad and he dosn't know about you and that you were at his house when voldemort came because his mum was looking after you and you took most of the killing curse but it went to Harry as well and that your mum was out somewhere when she was killed just a couple of hours before voldemort killed harrys parents and Sirius doesn't know you exsist, so he is really really angry and upset that you are related to Sirius Black and he thinks you knew that your dad is Sirius Black and thinks you were keeping it a secret and think you are helping your dad and that you are as evil as your dad"Hermione said in one big breath.

I hear the door creak but i am too shocked to look up

"I am guessing you told her then"I hear Ginnys voice there was no reply so i am guessing Hermione nodded.

After a couple more secinds of me just staring into space shocked,i cant hold it in any longer and feel the lump traveling up my throat and burst out crying"IIII a am the dau ughter of fa mur erd erer "i say not able to get it all out and hiccuping,Ginny and Hermione comfort me while I cry.

"I ne..ed tooo tell Harr harry that i i ......."I say getting up untill i get interupted "No its best if you just leave him alome it will be best to talk to him when he isnt as angry and upset,just go to sleep"Ginny says

"Okay"I say yawning and crying snuggling into my pillow and blankets.

i soon fall into a deep sleep.

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