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Mindless Behavior: Ray Ray FanFic

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RayRay’s #1 Gurl!

Chapter 1:

I let out a sigh of relief as the bell rang. Summer has officially started. Papers were tossed into the air and the classroom erupted with cheers. Uh, finding RayRay in this mob of excited people was going to take forever. I pushed past everyone to my locker. As I was packing my books, (I’m a total nerd-RayRay says its what makes me mindless) I felt a pair of arms wrap around my waist.  I smile.

“Hey”, he says. “Hurry, we have to go k”. “Princeton wants to get started early”.

“Ok,” I reply.

We were having a week long slumber party at the MB house, to break in summer vacation.

“Lets go look for Jenni and Chloe k. I’m sure Princeton already dragged Simone out.”

We walk hand in hand down the hall, looking for my friends. I find Jennifer at the vending machine, trying to stock up on snacks and saying goodbye to her favorite ones for three months. We sneak up behind her. I count to three, and we both yell MUNCHIES!!!!! She jumps in surprise before turning around to see us.



She rolls her eyes. Jenifer is obsessed with junk food and snacks. You wouldn’t know it though, because she has always been skinny. If you are angry and want to bite heads off of gummy bears, just check under her bed, her locker, or her super heavy backpack. (I wonder why?)   

“Hurry up munchelina, we have to go”, RayRay says.

She sighs, puts her dollar in the vending machine, and angrily mashes a button for “little bites”.

“Gosh, Jen, the school is going to go bankrupt when you graduate!” RayRay says.

She glares at him.

Now where the -Hey! Says RayRay. He doesn’t like cursing. Fine. “Say it.” “Why!”

“Come on Kat, we don’t have all day.”

I sigh. “I’m sorry human sized Domo”.

Jen nearly falls laughing.

We continue looking for Chloe.

After a minute, we find her and Roc, kissing in the hall. It seems to go on forever, so I decide to be funny, and clear my throat noisily. We are still hiding behind the wall, so they haven’t seen us. I show them what I’m going to do. I climb on RayRay’s back, then I grab the janitor’s cart. RayRay hides behind the mop so I appear tall. I put on his goggles, so I look different. I begin whistling. I walk past them, and they pull away quickly, both of them blushing. I almost fall off of RayRay’s back laughing.  

“Kat”! Chloe yells.

“Sorry, but we gotta go!”


We finally get outside to the escalade that’s supposed to take us home. Inside, we find a very angry Princeton, and an irritated Simone trying to calm him down.  We all smile, and get in the car.


When we finally got to the house, (Jen and Prodigy wanted to stop for chips and soda) Me, Chloe, Jen, and Simone went upstairs to change into our swim suits. A week ago, we decided to take a peak in the boy’s closets so we could see their swim suits. That same weekend, we went shopping(we needed a wardrobe makeover for the slumber party) and each of us got a swim suit to match theirs. It was really funny when we walked out of the house and into the pool area. All of the boys looked very surprised. Roc ran back into the house! He was pretty freaked out.

We played around in the pool for a while. We were having fun until Prod and Jenny got hungry again. God, those two are perfect for each other. Hungry all the time. I suggested that we grilled hamburgers. Lets just say that Prodigy wont be eating really hot stuff for a while.

After eating, we went back inside. An argument and twenty minutes later, we were all on the couch, watching the horror movie phsyco. I turned away quickly as blood poured onto the floor after the woman had been stabbed. I saw RayRay hiding behind a pillow. I smiled and gave him a hug.

. Hope u liked the first chapter!!!!  

143- fbi agent taco:P


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