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Hello there,

The angel from my nightmare,

The shadow in the background of the morgue.

The unsuspecting victim of darkness in the valley.

We can live like Jack and Sally

If we want.

Where you can always find me

And we'll have Halloween on Christmas.

And in the night we'll wish this never ends,

We'll wish this never ends.

(I Miss You Blink-182)

Hermione Pov

I was sitting at a park that my parents use to take me to when I was younger. I don't know how long I was there. I was bout to get up when I felt something hit my head. I fell to the ground and looked up to see who has hit me. When I looked up I saw a blonde hair girl, I didn't know who she was.

She said something, but I couldn't hear it. I passed out shortly after she spook.

(A couple hours later)

I woke up with my head hurting like hell. I tired to move, but I couldn't. My body was tied down, I was against a wall some where.

"What happen?" I asked aloud

"Ahh.. I see your awake my dear." a female voice answered.

"Who there?" I asked. I couldn't see anything until the voice whispered 'lumbo'. I saw the blonde girl that had hit me. "Who are you?"

"Well dear, you took something from my daughter and I plan on getting it back. I will make sure my daughter marries that boy." the women said.

"I don't know what your taking about Miss."

"You see Hermione, you do know what i am talking about. I am talking about Draco. He will marry my daughter if he wants his mate alive. As long as you are alive he will live."


"But you see mudblood, his father wants his only son to marry a pure blood and Lucius will get what he wants and so will my daughter."

"Who is your daughter?"

"Oh you will find out once they have their wedding. I will make sure to take you to their wedding."

The woman left me alone in the dark room. I tired to reach Draco through our connection, but I couldn't feel nothing. I will not let that bitch have her way. I will get my mate in my arms soon enough.


Blaise Pov

I watch Red swim in the pool. I was happy she was here with me. I closed my eye and relaxed. Nothing could ruin this moment, I had my mate with me. I was at peace.

"BLAISE!" I heard someone yelling. I looked across the yard to see Draco running towards me.

"What's up mate?" I asked once he got closer to me.

"Have you seen Hermione?" He asked.

"No mate. I thought she was with you?"

"She was until this morning. She gotten in a fight with my father and she thought I was mad at her so she left. I went to Hogwarts and she wasn't there, I even checked the Weasely's place and she wasn't there. I don't know where else she could be. I felt a sharp pain in the back of my head then I passed out. Something has happen to her Blaise."

Draco looked scared, I haven't seen him like this since the dark lord lived with him. If Hermione is missing then he going to be on edge until she is found.

"Are you sure she is missing? Could she just fell and hit her head? Don't try to jump down my throat for what i am about to say." I said.

"Yes I am sure she missing and didn't fell and hit her head. I felt her pain. I felt her fears, like she was in a middle of a nightmare but she was wake."

"Okay, let's see if we can we can't find her. Maybe Red will know where to look first."

"Hey Draco. What are you doing here?" Ginny Weasley asked as she got out of the pool. She got one of the towels that beside me.

"Do you know where Hermione will hide if she wanted some alone time?" Draco asked her.

"If she not with you or at the burrow she most likely went to the park her parent's use to take her." Ginny answered. "Why are you looking for Mione anyways? Please tell me you to didn't get into a fight."

"We didn't get into a fight, but her and my father did. She thinks I am mad at her. I just so confused I walked away from her. I went to go looking for her, but I found a note in her room saying she was leaving." (Draco)

"Okay so then she most likely went to Hyde park. Its a popular park her parents took her all the time. She goes there to think. You better have a picture of her. The muggle will recognize her quickly." (Ginny)

"Let's go then. We might want to stay together. I got a bad feeling." (Blaise)

With that, we left of Hyde park, I knew right where it was. Mum use to bring me here all the time, I missed the park. Once we got there we started to ask around for Hermione, I couldn't smell her due to the plants and tree and the damn muggles.

"Hey the girl your looking for left a few hours ago. Well dragged away." Some girl said.

"What do you mean dragged away?" Ginny asked calmly.

"My name is Brook, I say Hermione a few hours ago by the pond, I went to talk to her when I say a woman with blonde hair come up behind her and hit her in the head with something. I couldn't see the women face, but I ran towards them when I notice that Hermione was bleeding badly. I called the cops, but they couldn't find nothing on neither one of them. No one saw them leave the park." Brook said.

I looked at the girl closely, she had raven hair that came down to her lower back and her eyes where just like Draco's gray, but they had a light touch of blue in them. She kinda looked like Potter in a way, but so different. Maybe a cousin on his mum's side of the family. She was about as tall a Hermione and Ginny. 5'4".

"How do you know Hermione?" I asked. I was beyond curious about this girl.

" She is my step sister. Well half sister. My dad is her dad." Brook answer shyly.

"How is that possible? She is my sister. I didn't remember having another sister." I told her.

"Um.. That's because your father was with my mum before he found out your mother was his mate. Your mum knew about me. But our dear father didn't want you to know about me let alone Hermione. Which how did you know Hermione was your sister?"

"My mum told me about her. We will be talking later, but for now we have to find Hermione or blondie here will go crazy."

Draco growled at us, he was worried about his mate that's for sure.

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