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Mia's POV

My heart starts racing as I think of a plan. Yes, me and Katie discuss what to do to please Melissa, but not hurt Harry. I really hate this actor, and I really hate Melissa. But I have a feeling she's watching me...

I'm about 2 minutes away from the hotel, so I ring Harry to come downstairs and get me. 

It's time. I gulp the tears and think to myself. 

I casually walked inside the hotel, and in the corner of my eye I see Harry waiting at the top of the stairs. He sees me, and looks like he's going to run to me, but I ignore him. Katie couldn't handle seeing me break down, so she was waiting outside. I briskly walk to a guy who's staring at me, and Harry looks a little surprised- concerned. He doesn't, however, take a step closer. The man looks at me, and whispers into my ear. "You're Mia, right?" I nod softly. "I'm so sorry for doing this, I hope you all the luck, and he squeezes my arm. I Nod, the tears threatening to spill over. I can practically hear Harry tense at this. Noticing I can't do it, he leans over and gently gives me a soft kiss. I feel bad for it, but I pretend to enjoy it. I pull back after 3 seconds, and I can see Harry running to me. He looks at me, and he starts crying. He runs back upstairs before I can say anything. The actor whispers to me, "Sorry love." and he walks out the door. There's no one in the room besides the doorman, and I stand frozen. I glance at the stairs and I see Niall at the top. He glares at me angrily. Wait, Melissa never said anything about Niall. I start "Niall-" but he cuts me off. "Save it Mia. I can deal with someone breaking my heart, but not my best mates. I can't believe you. I hate you." He turned on his heel and stomps upstairs. I feel so dizzy, I wish I could die. I'm such a slut. I have 2 boys liking me, and I turn them down. I gasp for air, and let the tears fall. I start sobbing uncontrollably. The doorman seems to understand me situation, so she lets me cry, looking at my sympathetically. Katie bursts into the room as I lean against the wall, sliding down and burying my face in my knews. She slowly rubs my back and cries with me. She knows how important these boys are to me. 

Zayn's POV

I see everything. Mia cheating on Harry, Niall flashing anger at Harry. I feel so angry, I want to punch something. I'm hiding behind a big plant, and nobody sees me. As soon as they left, I see Mia sobbing uncontrollably, sliding against the wall. What? I look questionably, and my doubts are confirmed once I see a tall blonde burst in the room to her side, looking as if she's trying to console her. Near my feet I see a phone flash. I realize it's Mia's phone. She must've dropped it somehow. Stealthily, I take the phone, hoping for any clues. I feel like there's something wrong. I quickly scan a text from a girl named Melissa. Good work, idiot. Your money is saved. Now don't try anything. You and Harry are done. I stare confused, and I scroll through the conversation. I read everything. So this girl named Melissa is forcing Mia to do that act to stay away from Harry. All for some money for college. I realize it, and my mouth is gaping open. I think they must've noticed me, because the tall blonde saunters over to me and swipes the phone from my eyes. She seems angry at me-or the boys. "What do you think you're doing?" I whisper, "Can I please talk to Mia? This Melissa- I need to talk to her." She steps back, letting me pass. 

"Mia, I'm so sorry. You have to do something. Tell Harry. Let me pay for your college. Please Mia, you can't let this girl ruin you."

"I can't Zayn. I worked too hard on this money. I can't let them wash away my efforts. I need to make my dad proud. Promise, you won't tell them anything. Please Zayn, just don't." Mia pleads with me. 

"Please Mia." She furiously shakes her head. "Okay, fine. But I need to stay in contact. I can't lose you Mia. You're important to Harry and Niall, and I want to make sure you're connection doesn't go away." I give her a tight hug, and she sobs into my shirt, soaking it. "Th-thanks Zayn." She gave me the number and I gave her a kiss on the cheek, then left. I can't believe someone would do something. I'm left to ponder over my thoughts, and I can see Harry and Niall crying, Lou and Liam consoling them. I can't tell him. I wish, oh how I wish I could. Liam stares at my questioningly, and I shrug, running to my room. This is so hard. 

Mia's POV

I'm glad I have Zayn. He's such a sweet person. But I can't stop thinking about Harry's teary face, or Niall's angry glance. "I Hate you." Those 3 words bounce back in forth in my brain. I get home and run straight into my room, screaming into my pillows. I can hear Melissa laughing in the other room, and I feel terrible, and then I black out. 

It's been 2 months, and asides from Zayn who constantly texts me (he's the brother I wish I always had), I haven't heard from One Directions since. Melissa's right. They probably forgot about me. 

I continue with my work, with no emotion. I have no life, and I spend my days studying to get to Oxford. I occasionally shut Katie out, except for when I need consolation.