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FIRST, A BIT OF FOREPLAY - Hi, I'm Holly, but I'm also known as Morgan Rider. I write about sexy Greek gods and gargoyles with hot bods. Believe it or not, I never read adult romance until I joined Wattpad in 2013. I bought into the premise that romance novels were the same story told over and over again with the added attraction of sex. YA fantasy had been my lover for years until I found I wanted more (don't we all?). It was late in 2015 that I took a risk and posted my first mature romantic fantasy on Wattpad under a pen name. The story was titled LEXI'S UNDOING.

That was less than three years ago, and my romance writing has gained me nearly 170,000 followers, compared to 4,000 on my YA profile. Both have the same number of stories to offer Wattpad readers, so you do the math. Since the beginning, I have been an advocate for mature stories on Wattpad, so when the ambassadors at WPAfterDark asked me to share a bit about my creative process, I was flattered and excited to help my fellow romance writers sharpen their tools.

"Yeah, baby. Beg for it".

CHARACTERS THAT ROCK YOUR WORLD - Don't you love reading a book with characters you want to be with? You find yourself reliving the story with them or like them even after you put the book down

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CHARACTERS THAT ROCK YOUR WORLD - Don't you love reading a book with characters you want to be with? You find yourself reliving the story with them or like them even after you put the book down. These are the kinds of characters you need to write, especially in romance. Complicated, intelligent, relatable, vulnerable characters. You got that and you're nearly there. And sex scenes are the cherry on the top of any well-written book, providing the perfect opportunity to portray the angst and passion that happens when characters spar in the bedroom.

FLESH IT OUT – Spend time getting to know your protagonists before you hook them up. Their personality types will determine how they handle the sex part. Are they shy or extroverted? Will they act impulsively or tease each other for a while? Will they feel regret or yearn for more or both? Put them in compromising situations and let them work things out. The scenes will practically write themselves if you know each character's end-game.

GET INSIDE - As your protagonists figure each other out, let the readers in on it. Make sure the characters' emotions and intentions are conveyed. I believe writing in the first person or close third POV gives authors more freedom to drop readers right into the heads of their characters. Are they interested in getting it on or scared shitless? How do they show this? What are they thinking? The more your readers are attuned to your characters' history and motives, both in and out of the bedroom, the more invested they become in the story.

THE JUICY BITS – Build an arsenal of sexually descriptive words and pull from it. Your readers wait with bated breath for the sex, so take the time to choose your words carefully, and be sure to deliver them along with emotions. Here's where it helps to know your characters well. A protagonist who is a virgin probably won't use vulgar language to describe his or her experience, but someone who works at a strip joint will likely drop the F-bomb all over the place. You also need to consider your target audience. Are you writing new adult, porn, mainstream? I used the word boner once and had my readers cringing. I also took the word moist out of my sexy dictionary for the same reason. Finally, prolong the sexual tension, dropping proverbial breadcrumbs and slowly building up to the piéce de rèsistance. A few well-placed 'almosts' goes a long way to entice your audience, but remember to finish the experience with a thoroughly delicious and satisfying bang.

IN THE END – For a truly steamy, binge-worthy read, you need to give your readers three things: real characters, strong emotions, and descriptive sex. I tend to write about types who grow wings and tie their partners to bedposts, but you can cater your sexy situations to fit your story and your characters. Even with one-shots, make every action and every word count. Go deep (wink, wink, nudge, nudge). However, you manage it, stay true to your characters, and be sure to sprinkle in plenty of flavour along the way.

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