Chapter 5: Sure

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"Would you like a drink?" Magnus asked standing in front of several glass bottles.

"Sure, after the day I've had, why not." Vaira sighed.

After a minute he came over to the couch, she was on, two drinks in hand. Magnus gave one to her and sat down beside her.

"So, my dear. Since you're going to be staying here a while, why don't you tell me about yourself?"

"What is there to tell?" She shrugged.

"You could start off by telling me where that accent is from. It's quite beautiful, but I can't seem to place it."

She blushed ever so gently hearing the word beautiful coming from his lips.

"Siberia, Russia. My mother moved us here around the age of five after her parents disowned her for baring a demons children, but she never once wanted to give us up. She protected us until she drew her final breath." Vaira said almost painfully.

"Yes, life can be hard for warlocks. No one seems to understand that we have feelings too."

"Eventually you learn to live without them and become the emotionless monster everyone thought you were from the beginning."

"But they never know it was their fault. Whatever happened to your mother?"

"She brought us to the Accords Signing and was murdered in the crossfire of the Uprising. She just wanted us to meet more people like us. She got killed trying to be a good mother." Tears fell from her eyes remembering the day it all happened.

"What did you do after that?"

"We were in foster care together until around the time we turned seven. After nine different homes and being called a monster or a devil's spawn about twenty times we just got sick of it and ran away. The only constants in my life were my brother and this coat. It was my mothers. She wore it almost everyday. It was a miracle that I kept it through all the foster homes."

"And yet, you would have just handed it over to me."

"I would do anything for my brother. He deserves justice for what they did. Jarek was a good man, he did nothing to deserve this. We didn't even provoke them."

"Some hunters are just stuck in the old ways."

"And some just have no regard for life." She took a sip of her drink. "I don't even know what they did to his body. I was to out of it when they took me."

"I'm sorry. You know what? You need a mood lifter. How about I make you dinner?"

"Sure," She showed a small smile. "that would be great."

"In the mean time, I'll show you where the bathroom is and find you some clean clothes so you can go get cleaned up

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"In the mean time, I'll show you where the bathroom is and find you some clean clothes so you can go get cleaned up."

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