Husband! Cartman x pregnant! reader ((EDITED))

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~Warning swearing and bad spelling and thanx for the 2k reads!~

~Your POV~

I started at the pregnancy test in shock and excitement but my main emotion is... fright... how em I going to tell Eric... I started to feel tears fall out of my eyes... I knew Eric hated kids... i cant get rid of it... I don't know what to do.

I sat on the bathroom floor, crying my eyes out...Lucky Eric's not home. I finished crying about headed outside for some fresh air, I sat down on the swing under the oak tree.

I heard a car pull up in the driveway, I sighed and keep sitting on the swing, "(Y/n)" he yelled

"Outside" I yelled. Eric came outside and walked towards me, he gave a concerned face

"Whats wrong?" he said holding my hand.

"Whats your opinion on kids?" I said

"(Y/n) you know I hate them, they are so expensive...why?" He said

"oh just wondering," I said fake smiling.

"Ok, what do you want for dinner?" He said I shrugged.

"I'll make a surprise," he said walking back inside, I know what you are thinking... Eric isn't that chubby racist kid anymore... Eric lost weight and is a famous chef and the love of my life... and the father of my child...

I sigh and walked inside, I look into the kitchen and Eric is already making dinner. I smile and walk into the kitchen, I gave my husband a bear hug. He continues cooking, I let go after a while and walked to the lounge room, to watch some tv.

After a while, Eric comes in with two plates of (f/f= favorite food and no alcohol in the food, there is a baby on board 😅😅) I smiled and began eating.

When we were finished Eric took my plate and washing up the dishes while I got ready for bed.

As I lay in bed I think of what our child will look like....will he/she have chestnut brown hair like Eric or will he/she have my (h/c)... I gently placed my hands on my stomach, rubbing in circles.

I heard someone walk in, I immediately stopped rubbing my stomach and look up. Eric walks in from the bathroom...with the pregnancy test! my eyes widened, tears were forming in my eyes.

"(Y/n) what is this?" He said holding the pregnancy test

"I-it's a pregnancy test...." I said with tears in my eyes

"Why does it say positive?" He said

"b-because I'm... pregnant," I said making the tears fall.

Eric was speechless, he fell to his knees, I started to feel sick and I ran to the bathroom, I threw up my dinner. After I was done, I sat beside the toilet, holding my stomach.

Eric walks in and sits beside me, he puts a hand on my stomach which shocked me. "(Y/n) I would love to be a father" he said smiling

"b-but you said you hated kids," I said putting my hand on top of his.

"I do... but I never said, I would hate our kids... i reason for when I was shocked before is because I thinking am I going to be a bad dad like what my father did to me," he said I have a pity smile.

Eric pick me up and put me in his lap, he hugged me for a while... until I felt someone poke me, I look at it and it was Eric's member. "Eric no, it will hurt the baby," I said getting up and went to bed.

~9 months later~

The last 9 months were horrible, I was tired, hungry, sore and cranky. But finally, after 9 months, the little demon is coming out. I about to given birth to him/her, "Ok Mrs. Cartman, one more push" the doctor said, Eric was beside me holding my hand

"OUCH FUCKING HELL, THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT I'm sorry I love you" I screamed will pushing for my life.

I felt the pain go away and the tiniest of screaming, Eric leaned down and kissed me. "It's a boy congratulation", the doctor said, the nurse took the baby and washed him up. After a minute the nurse came back with the baby.

I looked at him, he looked like Eric but had my eyes and hair. I smiled and tears of joy left my eyes. "What can we name him?" Eric said "

I know how about (b/n=boy name)" I smiled, Eric smiled and said "Perfect" he kissed me again and put the tiniest kiss on (b/n) forehead.

~Sorry if it sucks but I think its adorable~

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