Okay, here is the first chapter. I won't be able to upload a lot but I promise you, they will be long and I write often, it just takes me a little while because of school and such. Enjoy!

  It was kind of like a summer camp. My parents were sending me away to a resort in California to get over the death of my older sister, Patricia. She had died almost a year ago, murdered by an ex-boyfriend, his broken heart seeking vengeance. It crushed me. Patty was one of the sweetest people you would ever meet. She was kind and courteous, daring and unafraid, beautiful inside and out. That obviously didn’t matter, because he had sat there and watched her die from the cut made by his own blade. It was terrible, and my mom and dad thought it would be better for me if I took some time and got out of my routine, getting out of the hustle and bustle if the big city. So, I stood at the main entrance to my temporary home.

  I must tell you, it was grand. Before you could even make it to the door, there was a large fountain, with dolphins spewing water into the large jade bowl holding it in place. Trees and shrubs littered the tile entrance as you made your way up the clay colored, rounded stairs leading to the door. I waved good-bye to the taxi that had dropped me off and made my way up the steps, struggling with my bags, which were filled with everything I couldn’t possibly go without for three months. If I was going to be here, I wanted comfort items. This included pictures, magazines, clothing, books, and pretty much my entire room packed into the dozen bags I had brought. I wanted my room here to be familiar, otherwise, how would I sleep at night?

  I rang the doorbell, waiting patiently as I heard some scuffling behind the door. To my surprise, a boy and a girl struggled over the door to get to me, knocking me down in the process. I landed on my butt, my bags tumbling down with me as the boy and girl, who I assumed were siblings, reached for me mumbling apologies, blaming one another for my fall.

  “Hi! I’m Tessa!” The girl said with a welcoming smile, and offering me her hand as she helped me off of the ground.

  She had strawberry blonde hair that was slicked back into a tight, neat pony tail and bright blue eyes that reminded me of the clear blue water you found in the Bahamas. Her choice of clothing was modest, a pair of kaki Capri’s and a soft green tank top. She wore a necklace too. It was a shell tied behind her neck with a thin leather strap. She was very simple, very neat.

  I brushed the dirt off the back of my pants. “I’m Ryleigh. It’s nice to meet you.”

  “And I’m Wyatt.” The boy announced, he was older than Tessa, and instead of her reddish blonde hair, he had bleached locks. His eyes were just as blue though, maybe a little darker, but there was still a crystalline feeling to the pool color. “Are you ready to meet Ms. Mia?”

  I nodded, feeling grateful they had taken some of the load off of me. “Yeah, can she show me my room?”

  “Actually, she’ll probably make one of us do it. Do you know what house you’re getting?” Wyatt asked me, moving one of my bags to his other shoulder.

  “House?” I asked stupidly.

  “Yeah, you get your own guest house.” Tessa answered with a smile.

  “I get my own house?” I ask in disbelief.

  “Indeed.” A warm voice said.

  I looked up from my bags and stared at her. Her hair was auburn, spilling down in long waves past her waist. Her eyes glowed a soft honey brown, projecting warmth as they looked over the scene. “You must be Ms. Mia.”

  She smiled, revealing perfect teeth. “Yes. Welcome to my estate.”

  “Thank you, I’m hoping this summer will be unforgettable.”

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