Chapter 16

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"Oh no! What if she's not going to make it! What if she passes out or something! What if that person beats her up! What-"

"AL! Calm down! She's fine. She'll make it all right. Just calm down and let's get back to headquarters. We have to wait for her there. All we can do is hope now." I said and pulled Al by the arm. I looked down at her pet. "You're coming with us cat." the snow leopard that she called Kuagra sat down looking at the dirt whining. "Hey, if you want to be left behind and die, fine with me but if you want to get out of here, follow us. AH! What am I thinking! I'm talking to a stupid animal! Let's go Al." I walked ahead and Al followed with that feline right behind us.

"Are you sure she'll be okay?" asked Al. "Why are you so worried about her? Weren't you the one who said that she was stronger or something like that?" I rambled. "You're right." he breathed. "She's fine. Oh boy. Let's just go wait for her." he said and I rolled my eyes.

About an hour and a half later, we were on the steps of headquarters. I was going to go up the steps but stopped because Al wasn't following me. "Do you mind if I stay out here to wait for her?" he asked. "Sure Al, just don't stay out too late. Okay?" I said and he nodded. I jogged up the steps to go fetch dinner. Boy was I hungry! I could eat a thousand noodle bowls if I was allowed to.

When I got in, I bumped into Roy. Great.

"Hey, where'd you go earlier?" he asked. "Oh, we just had to go catch Enmiar but we ended up losing her again." I shrugged. "How'd you manage that?" he asked. "This person attacked her before she jumped off the train and was held back." I said. "She's coming back?" he asked. "If she doesn't die. Yeah."

"I see. Well when she does, I need to see her. Will you send her into my office?" he requested. "Sure, but I don't think she'll be happy seeing your face just after a battle. She'll probably think that she's in another one." I laughed. "Ha, ha, ha very funny Fullmetal." he said and I shrugged. I walked past him and heard Al yell my name. I bolted in the other direction and busted through the doors. Shiomaki was lying on the steps coughing.

"What happened to her?" I asked jogging down the stairs. "I don't know! I was looking over in another direction and when I turned back, she was crawling up the stairs!" he exclaimed and I crouched down over to her who had been greeted by her animal.

"Shiomaki, are you okay?" I asked. She turned over onto her back and coughed into her hand. "Yeah, I think I over exerted my body." she said slowly.

"So you decided to come back?" The colonel was standing at the door.

"Shut up you!" she shouted. "I don't wanna hear anything from your stiff smart mouth right now so shut it!" she bursted raising her hand in the air. "God, that guy had it comin' to him." she said trying to get up. "Here, let me help you." said Al and he took her good arm to stand her up. "Thanks Al, I thought I would never part from the floor." she joked and brushed herself off.

"Did you figure out who he was?" I asked. "Oh yeah." she said and rubbed the back of her neck. "He was just some random thug who liked picking on little kids. He was easy to beat." she said like it was no big deal. "Getting here the way I was though, was hard." she added.

"Are you hungry?" asked Al and she shook her head. "Nah, I just need to rest somewhere because I'm really aching."

"Great, then why don't you rest in my office?" Roy said and she groaned.

"But I don't wanna." she whined.

"You want to become a State Alchemist or not?" he asked and she sighed slumping her shoulders. "Yeah." she said quietly. "Then follow me." he said bitterly like he always did. She limped up the stairs and turned to look at us. "Well, I guess I'll see you guys later." she said and walked into the building with her cat padding after her.

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