Ch 4-Maddy and Dom

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Chapter 4

(or ch 3 cont.- you’ll notice there is a gap in the timeline. I will go back and fix that but it helped my writer’s block like this)

            Maddy gasped as her patient keeled over from exhaustion- and who knew what other abuses he had suffered.

            “We need to get you back to the monastery!” she exclaimed, kneeling beside him, hands outstretched.

            “No.” he spat out vehemently.

            “Well-but- you need stiches! AGAIN!”

            “I know someone. He’ll do em for me.”

            “I- I could do it. I just need some needle and thread back at the monastery-“

            “No- he’s,” he took a breath, “he’s closer.”

            “Are you sure because we could just go around the corner-“

            “He’s closer!” he snapped, “Now help me up.”

            Chastised, Maddy shut her mouth and attempted to pull, push, and drag her patient to his feet. He may have been injured- multiple times- but he was strong which made him extremely heavy. Maddy attempted to stifle the unlady like grunt that tried to escape from her as she attempted to support him.

            “Sorry,” he groaned, attempting to lift his own weight.

            “It’s alright,” she replied automatically. “Where are we going?” She gasped.

            He directed her through the allies, deeper into the depths of the town in places that Maddy had never been to before. The houses were dilapidated, and sewage reeked from the cracks of the buildings they slipped through. A couple times Maddy spotted a pile of rags. It wasn’t too soon when she realized those rags were actually people when one moved.

            Maddy snapped her attention back to the man to distract herself.

            “What’s your name?”

            “Dom.” He winced. From pain, Maddy assumed.

            They reached a fork in the maze of alleyways. Maddy stopped, waiting for directions. When none came, she looked up at him worriedly. “Dom? Which way do we go?”

            She tried to keep her voice even, but heard the panic in her own voice. “Dom?”

            He lifted his head finally. “Just- turn left. It’ll be the third on the right.” Maddy sighed in relief. So close.

            They continued left down the small path, each step causing Dom to lean just a little heavier upon Maddy.

            She finally stopped at an old wooden door.

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