Chapter One

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"Bitch, please. It's just homework, I don't think that anyone'll die 'cause I don't have it done." I said to my teacher.

His name was  Mr. Grant. He was probably my least favorite teacher, not that I liked any of them, anyways.  He had only just graduated college. He was tall, and skinny. He had a certain element of wimpiness to him, that made him perfect for a science teacher. He always dressed up, and wore these incredibly stupid round glasses that made him look like Harry Potter. The most annoying thing about him, was that every single day, he wore a bow tie. No joke. A bow tie. He had a whole collection of them, too. It's one thing if he was wearing them to be annoying, but he actually thinks they're cool. Sometimes I feel bad for him, then he says something like, "Did you know that Wyoming was the first state to give women the right to vote?", and then I remeber that he doesn't deserve my oxygen.

He sighed. "Bandit, please, just go to the office."

"Don't tell me what to do." I answered him, but still getting up and leaving anyways. A couple of kids snickered into there hands. That was my usual comeback, and had somehow become an inside joke with this class.  We were very immature, but that's what made us so fun.On my way out, I got  couple high fives from my friends, and my boyfriend snapped the straps of my suspenders that I just let hang arround my waist. I knocked his stuff off his desk.

I walked down the empty halls to the office. The heels of my combat boots made a faint clicking sound that echoed down the silent corridor.

"Hello, Bandit." the offfice lady greeted me. She knew me, and all my friends by the third month our freshman year. "You may have to wait a moment for Mrs. Pattarella."

"Okay, Linda. Hey Linda, guess what!" I asked her. We always did our best to annoy her.

"What, Bandit?" She said plainly.

"I told you to guess, but whatever. I got two fish. Guess what I named them!"

She sighed. "What did you name them?"

"Sid and Nancy. But Sid killed Nancy, and died two days later. So I got three fish this time. Guess what I named them! Snap, Crackle, and Lorenzo. Isn't that cool?"

"Very. You can go into her office now."

"Thanks, Lin!" I waved to her, and entered our principals office.

God, I hated our principal. Everyone did. She was new this year, and she hated us. The old principal  really liked us, so we never got in that much trouble, but with Mrs. Pattarella, we were pretty much screwed.

She sighed. "Miss Matlock. This is the ninth time this week you've been sent down here, and it's only Wednesday."

"I know. It's a personal record. I'm sure my brother would be proud." I answered happily. My friends and I are in competition to see who can get in the most trouble this week. I'm winning so far. And my brother pretty much has the record for getting in trouble. He's been kicked out of more schools than I can count on my fingers. He's pretty awesome.

"We'll have to call him, and let him know that you are suspended for the next two weeks."

"What?" I sat up angrily. I wasn't against not having to go to school, but for something as ridiculous as swearing at a teacher? Not fair. "Dude, I called my teacher a bitch, so I'm getting suspended?"

"No, because you have been getting in to much trouble lately. Please step outside my office so we can contact him, and then you can go."

"Seriously. Don't tell me what to fucking do." I said. And did what she told me to.

I arrived home at the same time as my brother, Ryan.

"Hey, kid. So, you got kicked outta school today?" He greeted me, messing up my hair, like people usually do to little kids.