The Rise of the Frozen Chapter Sixteen

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Dark. Cold.

Light. Warmth.

Does it really matter anymore?

Death. Life.

Agony. Happiness.

What's the point? Am I ever gonna wake up? Am I ever going to experience the light or warmth? The feeling of life and happiness?

It all sounds vague, sounds so blurred.

Yes, blurred....

Elsa woke up with a startle, panting heavily. She doesn't know how she turned out to be lying on the dark floor but she doesn't like the reason. She sat up and looked around. It was still dark yet why...?

Elsa shook her head and laughed with no humour.

"Jack coming to save me? That's stupid. He doesn't have a solid reason why..." Elsa said aloud, faltering.

Why does she keep tormenting herself even further? Isn't her isolation enough for everyone? Why is happiness so far away from her grasp?


Such a funny word, the word 'why'. This word is the only thing that keeps Elsa occupied. This word kept on running and running inside her mind. Not wasting a second nor a minute. But then, she thought that the light will never come. Here it is, she stand there corrected, looking at the ray of light.

Why? Elsa asked herself. Why is there a fern patterned snowflake in this darkness?

She stood up and tried touching the snowflake, which in turn made it wider. She touch it with both hands, keeping her hands in the fern patterned snowflake, savoring the memory of Jack.

Wait, what?

Why did she just think of Jack right then? Why now of all times and why Jack of all people?

Again with the Why's, Elsa. Elss chastisied herself. Admit it already. There's no because to answer your why. There will never be an end to your isolation.

Just when Elsa had given up hope, the snowflake shimmered temporarily blinding Elsa. She covered her eyes, then regretted it.

"Why Elsa?" An all-too familiar voice said. "Why Elsa of all people, Pitch?"

Elsa's face whipped to the voice's direction. Momentarily, she saw Jack. The one and only Jack Frost.

What a miracle.

Not wasting a moment's notice, Elsa stood up to her feet and tried catching Jack's attention even if his face was inches away.

"Jack! Jack! I'm here! Jack!"

"Look at me, now talking to a wall." Jack sighed.

Elsa slammed and screamed louder. At least something was uncovered. She was within the wall. She could see him, she guessed, because she had her palms to the wall while Jack had his staff on the other side.

In short terms, they were connected because of their own ice.

"Jack! Please look at me. I know that you can see me, Jack. Please notice me!"

Elsa watched as Jack faced his back to her and sat down. He removed his staff. As cause and effect unravels, their connection slowly dimmers.

Elsa knelt next to him. She held her palm up, close to Jack's broad back. She listened as he ranted on to himself.

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