39 - Itsy Bitsy Spider

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My thoughts were groggy, everything just blurring together in my mind. I thought it was nothing but a dream but I had been wrong. Dreams were not real, they happened when you were safely tucked away in your bed. No, these flashes of images were nightmares of blood and masked faces. They were slowly bringing me back to reality. 

A groan slipped through my chapped lips, my head feeling heavy as I opened my eyes. Broken windows and cobwebs snapped into focus. Shadows plagued the room with only a slice of moonlight coming through a gapping hole in the roof. It took me a while to realise I was in an abandoned warehouse, glass littered the floor and dust stained my jeans. My hands were tied together with zip ties, fixing me to a pole. I struggled against the ties, tears stinging my eyes. 

"I wouldn't do that if I were you," A voice sounded out in the darkness. My head snapped up, fear creeping into my bones. For months the whole city had heard that cunning voice, listened to his pointless threats on television. The Green Goblin had promised to bring down the city, starting with his very own enemy.  

I stared up at him, memories flooding back. "Why keep the mask on? I know who you are."

A chuckle bounced off the walls and the man in green moved forward, his metallic looking suit shiny in the moonlight. He dropped down into a crouch position, watching me through those yellowish holes where his eyes were. "Say the words out loud, child." 

"You're Norman Osborn." 

He gave a little gleeful sound, clapping his hands together. "Norman always thought you were rather clever, very observant. You see things in others that most do not. I assumed you worked out Peter Parker was Spider-Man, what were the giveaways?" 

Norman was talking nonsense again, something that a brought a frown to my face. "Why are you talking about Norman in that way? You are Norman Osborn."

He didn't like that. With a spilt second of movement, he was lugging forward, his face so close to mine that the mask was cold against my skin. "That man is nothing. He's just a tiny plea for mercy in the back of my head now."

I thought about the accident at his labs, how everything had been destroyed. I thought about how Harry had mentioned his father had been locked away in his room, seemingly talking to himself. Turns out he wasn't talking to himself but to the monster that had corrupted his mind. Norman Osborn had slowly been going insane and the thing to start the chain reaction had been his own experimental work. "How did you work out it was me under this mask?" The Green Goblin asked, drawing away from me when I didn't flinch away. 

He started pacing before me, rather oddly. "It was something you said to me today, then you repeated the words on the street. I'm sure it was a common mistake but as you put it, I'm very observant." The Green Goblin paused, a gloved hand coming to his chin, like he was pondering an idea. While he was looking away, I let my gaze jump around the area surrounding me. Glass shards littered the floor and I spotted one only a few inches away. "Take his heart. Make it break. That's what you said. What does that mean?"

"I couldn't touch Spider-Man, he was too clever, too powerful." The Green Goblin turned back to me and I snapped my eyes away from the glass, watching him. "But I could touch Peter Parker, he's nothing but a boy, after all. To tear him down, break his little heart." 

A horrible feeling rested in the pit of my stomach with his words. "That's why I'm here?" I slowly asked, putting together his plans. 

"Yes." He clapped his hands again, a little too pleased. "Very clever girl."

I was shaking my head, fear flooding in my chest again. "He won't come. He doesn't even know I'm here."

The Green Goblin pointed down at me, giving another laugh. It was nearly impossible to think the man behind that mask was Harry's father. "That's why I'm going to lead him here, right now, actually. Not better time than the present." He was already turning away, pressing a button on his wrist which shined blue for a moment. With a blink of an eye, his perfectly designed hover board flew towards him, with just one touch of a button. He was muttering words under his breath now and I struggled against my binds. "The itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout, down came the goblin and took the spider out." 

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