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*matureish content*


Blaze's hands slid behind Aurora's backs,  his arms sliding down the curves of her body. His fingers wrapped around her creamy white thighs, applying force and pushing her body onto his. 

Aurora's slender fingers slipped past the barrier that was Blaze's pants, her fingers splaying across his hot skin and soaking up the moisture of his skin. With a drunken smile, Aurora moved her fingers across his sensitive skin, toying with his nerves.

"Rora." Blaze threateningly said, daring her to keep trailing her fingers lightly over him. 

A side of Aurora's rosy full lips lifted up, as Aurora rolled her head up sarcastically. Flashing her perfectly gleaming teeth, Aurora propped up her left brow and coyly asked, "Yes?".

Before letting Blaze respond, Aurora leaned her head in the crook of his neck, and ghosted her lips over his neck. She snaked a single hand out of his pants and slithered it up his muscled back lined with muscles. When she reached the base of his neck, she gripped it with her fingers and used the leverage to press herself against him.

"Do you have a problem..." Aurora trailed, her hand in his pants slid up and down creating a slow burn friction that forced Alpha Blaze to use all of his self control not to pin her onto the floor and fuck her right, "with the way I make you rock solid?" She finally capped, her hot breath assaulting Blaze's neck. 

Aurora didn't stop there and continued to play with her mate. "Look at the big bad alpha," Aurora pointed out, and dragged her hand from his neck to his back, her nails cutting against his skin,"straining so hard against his pants for his little mate." 

Blaze was shook from his pleasurable daze at Aurora's words. 



 Blaze pulled away from Aurora, and she mirrored her actions, confusion painting her face.

"One thing's for sure," Alpha Blaze moved his hands from her thighs to her ribcage, "my mate is definitely not little." 

Then he moved his hands so they formed cups and enveloped Aurora's clothes breasts. The previous smile that embellished Aurora's face, returned, much to Blaze's satisfaction.

Aurora reached her hands up to Blaze's face and cupped it. Bringing it down so that it was align with her face, Aurora brought her seductive lips to Blaze's ear, exhaling deeply.

"Neither is my mate." Aurora breathed, and looped her arms around Blaze's neck. 

When Aurora looked into his eyes, she noticed how Blaze lived up to his name. In the reflection of his pupil a fire kindled, and his eyes were narrowed like an animal drawn to a camp site. Aurora blushed even in her heat, her intelligent mind immediately connected that she was Blaze's fire, always drawing him in.


That was all Blaze let out before he attacked Aurora's neck, his lips covering a dashing amount of skin, forming a vacuum lock that vibrated against her skin. He grabbed her hands and pinned them above her head. His mouth became smaller and bigger, the more he sucked on her candy like skin. His sharp teeth lightly trailed against the captured skin, as his large tongue slid between and flooded the bruising skin.

Breathless moans emerged from the back of Aurora's throat. Her reaction to the touch of his lips was raw and primal, bringing tears to her eyes. The thought of having a hickey from her alpha turned her on so much that she struggled against his hold and turned her neck to the side more for better access.

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