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Chapter One

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  • Dedicated to my little sister

A/N: Hello, dear readers! Seize the Day is a fantasy/adventure with magical creatures, royals, and more. If you liked a chapter, vote or comment on it! I love hearing what you all think of this story every comment means the world to me!


Chapter One

Father always asked me, "Do you know what 'carpe diem' means, Lannie?" And I would simply shake my head, frustrated with his antics. "It means, my dear girl," he would say, "'seize the day.' Take advantage of the time given to you. You should do well to remember it."

I never understood what he told me, but I wager it was just a bunch of nonsensical words that he used to justify his gambling life. "Seize the day," as he called it, didn't apply to me. That only applies to fools who use it incorrectly—for instance, my father gambles, and I have no doubt that he calls that "seizing the day." And for those who use it correctly? I'm still working on figuring that out.

But there is one thing I do know: I take advantage of the time given to me, whether I'm "seizing the day" or not. I don't need fancy words or sayings to describe my life. I'm much different from all those young, frivolous women who think life is only meant for exotic food and beautiful dresses. Those women never stop to think for themselves—or stop to think at all! I, on the other hand

"Delivery for Ms. Bury!"

The holler interrupted my line of thought, causing me to jump and scatter the papers across my well-organized table. "Blast it all!" I cried. My writings... All of my hard work...

That delivery man was going to pay.

I scooted out of the desk in my study and stomped over to the threshold. Unlatching the seven locks binding the door of my house, I cracked the door the breadth of a feather. "What do you want, Delivery Man?" I growled threateningly within the safety of my house.

"After all these years," he replied in an injured tone, "you still haven't called me by my name. I'm offended, Ms. Bury..." I could see a wisp of brown hair through the door, but that was all. I don't think I had ever seen his face before, though he had been the mail carrier since I first moved here. I'm sure he was an unsightly little thing. "It's Percy Wentzel," he said. "P.W. for short... But I've told you that a dozen times."

"Well," I said, "when you start calling me by my right name, then I might just address you as you like. It's Brackenbury, Delivery Man, not Bury."

"You know how my memory is." He sniffled annoyingly. "But very well, Ms. Brackbury."

I wanted to slap him.

Percy extended his hand through the door, holding out a white scroll with a golden leaf seal. "I have a delivery for you from the—"

I snatched the scroll from his hand and slammed the door. Unfortunately, he was too quick and withdrew his hand before the door could properly break his fingers.

"I could report you for misconduct, Ms—!"

I walked away from the door, disinterested in whatever his next words were. Tossing the scroll onto my desk, I settled down into the chair again. I tousled my blonde hair nervously. That was close. My heart was beating quickly and my foot was unconsciously tapping against the wood floor—the norm whenever someone knocked at my door.

Stop it, Lannie, I told myself. It was only the delivery man.

Needing a distraction, I forced myself into a calming action. I gathered water from my kitchen for the four-foot tall aquaplant situated next to my desk. It required several gallons of water in its pot, but needed very little sunlight—the plant was perfect for my situation. Not to mention its bioluminescence at night, which aided in my routine of reading and writing during the blessed hour of midnight.

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