Revenge Is Sweet

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Megan’s P. O. V

                “Boys breakfast!” I yell while flipping some more pancakes onto the platter and putting some more bacon on the frying pan.

                “They’re not getting up,” Melissa says walking into the kitchen makeup bag in hand. “I tried everything! I shook them hit them! I even walked on them!”

                “Whatever I guess we are just going to have to eat the bacon, pancakes, eggs, and toast by ourselves!” I yell setting the platter down on the table.

                “OK WE’RE UP!” I hear all the guys yell and they come bolting into kitchen.

                Me and Melissa look up and stifle a laugh. They look ridiculous their faces mixed with make-up and the fright of losing their precious food.

                “Ok well eat your breakfast and we’ll go clean up. We should probably get going soon,” I say as I get up from the table and go to clean up.

                “Do you have to leave? You’re a really good cook and we are going to want lunch soon,” Louis whines and his makeup makes it twenty times funnier.

                “Yeah, do we have to leave?” Melissa whines.

                “Please don’t leave,” Harry complains.

                “Yeah,” Niall says through a mouthful of food.

                “Don’t you guys have rehearsal to do?” I ask sitting back down trying to hide the fact that I’m trying not to laugh because of their faces and jump up and down because they want to spend another day with us. I mean sure I’m not a super fan, but they are One Direction and I’ve grown really close to them in the past day. I mean they are one of the only 8 people I’ve talked to about Kyle and my family. They are just so nice and caring and funny and sweet and them not wanting them just makes it seem like they actually like us too.

                “Well we do, but we only have to rehearse for a couple hours since we already had a show here last night, so we already ran a lot of the stuff. But we also have a meeting with Simon, but you guys could just hang out around here during the meeting and look around the arena while we rehearse,” Liam said.

                “Well Megan and I were only going to hang out and go to the mall today, so I don’t see why we couldn’t,” Melissa says looking super excited.

                “Rehearsal starts in like 10 minutes so you should get ready,” Harry says as the guys get up to get ready.

                “We don’t have any clothes to wear though,” I saw pointing to my shirt.

                “You can just borrow some of our clothes,” Louis says as I clear the table and put their plates in the wash.

                “Ok well go boys and get ready,” I say waving them up the stairs to their bedroom.

                “So what are we going to do about their makeup? What if they see the mirror up stairs?” Melissa asks as we change into the clothes the boys threw down the stairs.

                “AHH CRAP! I didn’t think of that!” I say running up the stairs. “Boys we only have two minutes you don’t have any time to do your hair. Get out the second you are done getting changed!”

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