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Natsu pov

It's been a week since that blonde guy started looking at Lucy and he's been doing it more now. It's lunch right now and me Lucy and Levy are sitting under a tree. I suddenly saw the blonde coming over to us "hi. My names sting" said the blonde. I just stared at him while Lucy wrote her name on a piece of paper and Levy just smiled at him and said her name. He sat with us and we all kept eating. Then sting started looking at Lucy agin.

Lucy pov

Sting kept on looking at me. It was so creepy. I just wanted to tell him to stop looking at me but Natsu and Levy don't know that I can talk and neither does Sting. I looked around me and saw that a group of people were coming to us. There were three girls and four boys. One of the boys had blue hair and a tattoo over his right eye. Then there was this guy with a long black hair and a lot of piercings. There was also this guy who was pretty muscular, tall, and had blonde hair. And lastly there was a guy with raven hair and looked strong. Then there were the girls, one of them had white hair and looked really pretty. Then there was a scarlet haired who had a different uniform from everybody else. Lastly there was a girl with light blue hair and had matching eyes. They kept walking here so I looked at Natsu and Levy and it looked like they also noticed them. "Can we sit with you" asked the white haired girl she looked like she was a sweet girl "sure" said Natsu "my names mirajane but please call me Mira" said the whit haired girl "the one with the red hair is Erza President of the student council. They one with the light blue hair is Juvia . The guy with blonde hair is Luxus. The one with blue hair is Jellal. That's Gray with the raven hair. And lastly the one with long black hair Gajeel" said Mira introducing all of them they all smiled at us so we smiled back except Sting who was just started frowning at them. They all started eating there lunch and I kept looking at Sting he had been glaring and frowning at them since they came here. I feel like something happened between all of them.

Natsu pov

I think Lucy also noticed Sting because she kept looking at him and having a face of curiosity because of how Sting kept of glaring and frowning at them while they just ate there food. Then the bell rung and it was time to go " it was nice meeting you" said erza " it was nice meeting you too" said Levy with a smile. " get to class. We don't want to be late" said Mira with a sweet smile we all started to leave but sting looked like he wanted to kill the right now. I had history with Lucy " what class do all of you guys have" I asked them "history" said Juvia, gray, levy, Sting, and gajeel. Lucy knew that I knew that she had history we all started walking to history and the others went the other way then I saw Sting looking at Lucy agin. Why does he always keep looking at her. I mean she does look cute sometimes and.... Okay wait why on earth am even thinking about Lucy. I felt my cheeks heating up and I was probably blushing so I tried to cool down. Once we got there we all sat down close to each other. I sat beside Lucy then the mr. Cancer came in. He started teaching us about the history of how they names Canada Canada. I just kept staring at sting and he would always be looking at Lucy or he would sometimes be glaring at Gray, Gajeel, and Juvia. There were only 5 mins till the bell would ring and we would finally be free to go home. And finally it did We all got up and started going home. For some reason Lucy had a worried face and she was going the same way that I go to get home.

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