Chapter 13

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I woke up to late to go see Jin's dad. I rushed to school and decided to see him after school.

Eunji informed me that Jin told her his dad was having the surgery today. It was odd that he didn't let me know. I brush it off thinking he didn't have time to tell everyone.

I got home after school and quickly change. I made my way to the hospital. Jin told me his dad will be going aboard for the healing process.

Jin told me he'll FaceTime his dad everything and promise to keep in contact with his dad. They promise to never break the bond they have again.

He took me home after seeing his dad. Jin stayed with me at my place for awhile. "Sowon, you're an amazing person."

"What do you mean?" I said looking at him puzzled. He stare at me as he gently hit my face away.

"Don't look at me like that. I just said you're an amazing person."

"Um, thanks? I guess."

"Yeah so lets go on a date." He said causing me to look at him and laugh. He stare at me confused. I stop laughing as I know now that he's serious.

"Are you being serious right now? Right?"

"Yeah, I know I haven't been very nice to you. I'm grateful for you because you helped me and my dad. I know it wasn't easy and so I want to thank you."

"Um, I don't know.... Will that be a good idea?"

"Nope, you can't say no please just let me do this once for you. Come on don't deny my request please. I really want to take you out, I want to do something nice for you okay?"


"Okay! So on Saturday, I'll come pick you up." I nodded.


I got into class seeing Eunji so down. She stare at me and told me this marriage thing have to be done. She doesn't want to be an ungrateful child so she had to go through with it. She didn't like the thought of it but she was going to do it for her mom.

When lunch came around Jin came to sit with me and Eunji. He told me that his dad told me bye. He was messing my plate of food so I wasn't able to eat properly. I got annoyed and hit his head.

I told him to stop or the next time it'll be my whole backpack hitting his head. Eunji stare at us and laughed.

"Sowon? I kind of need help with my math homework can you come over?"

"Yeah!" I said as Jin held onto my hand.

"I have to come along or else you won't be able to go to his alone. Just the two of you." Jin said as Mark glare at him.

"You can come I won't stop you. But!!!! If you come you can't make a single noise. I need to learn you understand?" Jin nodded.

"Are you sure? Jin don't have to come."

"Of course I have to!" Jin shouted. I look at him as he smile and nodded.

"He can come. I just need you there, that's more important." I nodded as Jin tug on my arm. I turn to see him smiling like a kid.


I walked with Mark to his car. I was just going to catch a ride with him but I felt something pull me back. "Sowon will go with me and we'll follow you." Jin said.

"Sorry Mark." He smile at me before leaving.

We got to Mark's house as he told us to make ourself comfortable. He went to get some drinks for us. He came back as he handed each one of a drink.

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