Part 2~ Dave's surprise

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_______'s P.O.V.

I put a plate with a sandwich cut into thirds (if thats possible) onto the island in the middle of the kitchen. "There. It is ham... I don't really know if you all like it though..." each one of them took a part. Gamzee dug right in but Sollux and Karkat just sniffed at their pieces. "Thi2 2mell2 like honey..."

"Well it is honey glazed ham."

Sollux just raised an eyebrow. "I2 it 2afe?" I giggled. "Of course." he took a bite out of it and his eyes got wide. "Whoa..." Karkat just put it back on the plate. "I'm good. Don't need any of this shit."

"Karbro, its a perfectly motherfuckin good sandwich! Why waste it?" Gamzee licked his lips and leaned back on the counter.

"I'm just not hungry Gamzee." He growled and made his way back to the couch. "Do you have a computer?" Sollux asked swallowing the last piece of his sammich. "Yes and why?"

"Cau2e I want to u2e it."

I went to the back of the house and he followed me and so did Gamzee. We walked into a huge room with a canopy bed, anime posters covering the walls, a huge t.v. mounted onto the wall with an Xbox and Wii U hooked up to it and a desk with a desktop computer and a laptop charging station. "This is motherfuckin huge..." he stood there for awhile and took in all the colorful pictures and huge room. I walked over to my computer and unlocked it. "There. Just don't go snooping." He put his hand up and sat in the chair and did... whatever he needed to do. I left them in there and just sat on the couch with a bored Karkat. He had his hand over his face and his head was laying on the back of the couch. "Are you okay Karkat?" He jumped a little not knowing I was there. "I'm fine asshole. You could've warned me about you being there."

"Sorry, Karkitty."

"What the hell did you call me?"

"Umm... Oops.." He growled at me and sat up. "Where did you get that?"

"Get what?" I cocked my head a bit, trying to act like was confused. "Get what?? You know what! Don't fucking act stupid cause I know you're not."

"Umm.... a.. uh.."


"I.. uh.. got it from a webcomic you trolls were in..."

"Ah... that piece of shit called Homestuck... something that fucking nook sucker Andrew human made of us..."


oh god its Sollux calling me. I walk to the room and see Gamzee sitting on my bed and reading a book he got off of my 'private' bookcase and Sollux gesturing me to "come here." I walked towards him taking the book from Gamzee as well. "Hey that wasn't nice sis."

"Well Gam, if you want to read something take it off the side that doesn't say 'private' on it." He smiled and got another book off the other side of the shelf. "What Sollux?"

"There2 2omeone pe2tering you."

Oh great.. its Dave.

-- turntechGodhead [TG] began pestering chumHandle [CH] --

TG: sup

CH: Hi Dave. What do you want?

TG: nothing just wondering if you were okay

CH: Yes. I'm perfectly fine. I don't need you to check up on me every hour Dave.

CH: I'm not a child nor am I your 'boo'

TG: why not

CH: Cause I don't want to be nor ever will be.

TG: you know you want it but anyway get on your xbox

CH: Oh god what did you do? Are you playing what I think you are?

TG: yeah but i built you something so go on our server

CH: Fine. But if you fucked something up I will come to your house and cut your head off.

TG: woah okay violent much

CH: I try my best.

TG: see ya online

CH: Yeah. Bye.

  --turntechGodhead [TG] ceased pestering chumHandle [CH]--

*oh god i'm scared* I thought. I grabbed my remote and controller out of a compartment in my desk, switched the t.v. over, and turned the Xbox on. I got a notification that John and Dave were on. I selected Minecraft and went onto Dave, John, and I's private server. I grabbed my headset and turned it on. I finally entered the world after a few minutes and I was in a house that I shared with John and Dave cause a troll (I mean the dumbasses who like to fuck with people on games),  who somehow got into our server, burned down my awesome house. We never found out who it was... but anyway, Dave was standing in my room staring creepily at me. "Dafuk Dave?! You creeper!"

"Hey, at least I didn't blow up your shit." I facepalmed and followed him to my 'surprise' I wonder what it was. We finally made it to it and it was.. "umm... Dave, move please."

"Oh yeah sorry." He moved his character out of my vision and I squealed like a fucking banshee which made Sollux and Gamzee jump and Karkat run into the room. "WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING?!?" Karkat looked around and just saw me, Sollux, and Gamzee staring at the screen. "Whoa there girlie, calm down." Dave said calmly like I didn't blow out his eardrums. The room was quiet for a second. "Wait.. did I hear another dude's voice?"

~Jealous Dave is jealous XD but anyway I feel stupid writing this... and I'm sorry if you don't like Minecraft or don't even know what it is. But if you don't know what it is I recommend you play it cause its really fun to play and I only feel stupid writing this cause I have never had an Xbox in my entire life nor seen one on so yeah... and Iv'e only played Minecraft on PC so yeah I dunno the controls neither. The next update will be awhile so patience is the key! I'm a slow writer and I get bored with my stories easily.~

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