Chapter Seven

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-Demi's POV-

Once the final bell rang, I followed Ally to her locker and then lead her towards my car.

The paparazzi were shouting, snapping pictures, the usual, as we stormed to the car.

"Geez," Ally sighed, "don't you get tired of that?"

"I do, that's why I wanted to come back to school." I added, "for a normal life."

"But I guess that isn't happening," She sort of laughed, there was a hint of sympathy hidden in it.

"It's all part of the job." I shrugged, deciding to change the subject. "Do you have a job?"

Ally shook her head. "No, I used to work with my boyfriend."

"And what happened?"

"Well after our relationship," She gulped, "I quit. I couldn't stand seeing him."

"Does he go to our school?" I wondered.

"No, thank god. He switched because of the stuff people were saying to him after what he did to me."

I nodded, not wanting to discuss it any further, and pulled into my driveway.

"This is your house?" Ally asked.

"Yeah," I answered casually.

"It's more like a mansion."

"There's a studio inside, a few spare bedrooms. I worked hard for it okay," I joked, making her blush slightly.

I took her around a tour of the house, finally landing at the mini-studio, covered with guitars, a drum set, grand piano, microphones, etc.

"So," Ally suggested, "can we stay here and then do our homework?"

"Of course," I agreed, opening the wooden door.

There were posters of my favourite musicians, my favourite places, photographs, lots of stuff.

Lightbulbs decoratively hung from the ceiling, I flicked the light switch and they slowly came to life.

"This is so pretty," she whispered to herself.

I giggled, "go ahead, explore."

Ally picked up a guitar, strumming it slightly.

"I've always wanted to play guitar," She admitted.

"It's pretty easy," I sat beside her on the bench and wrapped one arm around her, placing it on the neck of the guitar.

I took her hand in mine and placed it on the frets, and she began to play and hum to the tune.

"Can you play any instruments?" I asked.

"I used to play the drums, before my brothers were born."

Ally put down the guitar and walked over to the drum set, slowly picking up the sticks and placing herself on the stool.

"Go ahead," I smirked.

Assuming she freestyled, she was incredible, almost as good as some professionals I've met.

"I haven't played in a while," She said as she stopped, and stood back up.

"No no, you're really good. I'm not that great at drums," I laughed.

We turned off the lights and headed back downstairs, both knowing we weren't bothering with homework.

"Let me start dinner," I muttered, walking into the kitchen.

"Does your family live here too?" Ally asked.

"No, they all live in Texas. What about you, you said you had brothers?"

"Yeah I've got a younger sister named Jordan, and twin baby brothers. I love them so much," she gushed.

Ally pulled out her phone, carefully swiping her fingers through she came up with a picture of her younger siblings.

"Awww," I cooed, "they're so cute. They look just like you."

She blushed a dark pink, all up her cheeks.

"Thanks, maybe you can meet them sometime."

We enjoyed our simple spaghetti meal, I couldn't really cook anything fancier.

"Sorry for not making a big dinner, I never have time to practice cooking," I admitted, standing at her porch.

"No it's fine, it was good. Thanks."

"Ally, uh, I just, I just wanted to say I really like you," I stuttered.

She smiled at me, her small pink lips curved carefully, showing off her straight teeth.

"I like you too Demi."

I took the perfect chance, and leaned in, slowly placing our lips together as she moved her warm hands on my neck.

As we slowly pulled away I physically felt heat rushing through my veins, butterflies coursing through my stomach.

"Thanks again." Ally said quietly, walking inside and carefully closing the door.

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