Okay well this is my first story here so i need you bare with me.  

oh and critisms are welcome harsh or not i wouldnt mind....  

here we go!  


Evelynn Stone


Looks: She has black hair with red streaks under them. She has the best looking eyes, they are 3 different colors purple ring on the 1st layer, green on the 2nd layer and gold flecks. She is emo and is like a skater girl.

Nicknames: Stoner, Eve, Lynn, and Flame (her fighter name)

Family: she has a father but no mother, she has an older brother named Trystan.

personality: She is strong on the outside and inside, she's cocky and has a attitude that pisses off jocks and well everyone.She also loves to skateboard and she loves to get into fights.She is an underground fighter for a specific reason(you will find out in the story).She barely has friends only Sammi and Chris. If you mess with her , she'll kick your a** in a minute....

Tattoos: one on her left shoulder shaped like a ring on flames. One on her right arm shaped as a dragon with words "we fight and kill to survive"

Piercings: she has snakebites and another one on the side of her left snakebites. She has them on her tongue but she barely uses it.she only uses it to piss off her dad.

Jacob Moore


Looks:He has brown hair with black highlights. He has green eyes and he's emo and a fighter but at school hes the bad boy and is the hot shot every girl wants.

Nicknames:Moore,Jake, and Danger(fighter name)

Family:He has no parents but he he has a little siter named Sarah.

Personality: He is a tough boy inside and out. He is player at school but believes that one day he will find someone. He lives alone because he is in college and he is taking care of his sister,who was the only one that survived in his parents car crash, He is an underground fighter because he needs the money for his sister's tutition at school and he has only one friend named Angelo or Andy. Mess with him and you'll wish you never ever had been born.

Tattoos: one on his chest shaped of a dragon and snake creating a sword.

Piercings: just snakebites.  



I stood there watching them burn and I had no chance to save them. My mother and sister and baby brother. I loved them but one stupid mistake of showing them my new toy and they get burned badly.

I have lived with this guilt ever since and I make up to it by fighting. Fighting underground. I fight to relieve the guilt of what had happened years ago. I'm in college already and that was 13 years ago.

If i had not showed my mother and sister anything , they would still been here!

"And the winner is FLAMES!!!!" and the crowd goes into cheers and shouts.

I had beaten about 5 oppenents already and felt no pain or concern to whom i just sent to the hospital or to hell.

Because my kind has not mercy but has a cold heart.

For I am the one and only FLAMES!

The underground fighter who has a messed up past and this is my story.

I fight to relieve the guilt until he came along....Read this story for FREE!