Chapter 5: Shoosh-Slish Fight

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Alexander let out a yawn as he searched his drawstring bag for the dorm key. It was only the first Friday of the school year, and he was already pulling all-nighters to work on essays.

Once finding the golden colored key, he put it into the keyhole, and unlocked the door. Alexander opened the door and stepped into the dim lit room.
He sat at his desk and began to type at his essay.

{Time skip brought to you by Puns and Chips, and all of the dips (I got the from a fren on Hamino)}

John opened the door of his dorm room, putting his key in his bag. He closed the door and trotted over to Alexander, peering over his shoulder to see what was being typed.

He couldn't help but notice that Alexander had already typed fifteen pages. Laurens popped his lips and asked, "When is this due?" Alexander paused for a moment then began typing again. "Two weeks." He replied. "And how many pages are you supposed to write?" "Five, but I'm only on my second." Alexander stated.

John chuckled under his breath and pointed to the corner of the laptop where it said "pages". "Check again." "Oh. I didn't realize that I wrote that many." He said then closed his laptop and spun around in his seat to face John.

"What do you want to do today?" He asked. John squinted his eyes thinking. "How abooouuttt-" he looked out the window to, seeing the rain had stopped. "-lets go get some slushies!" Laurens looked excited and smiled widly.

Alexander's face fell into confusion. "A shoosh-slish- what?" John widened his eyes. "You've never had a slushy!?" Alexander shook his head.

John popped his lips and said, "This won't do. We are getting slushies this instant." He scooped Alexander up into his arms and carried him bridal style. John sat him down and locked the door. He grabbed Alexander's wrist and practically dragged him down the hallway. They walked towards the nearest 7/11.

"So what exactly is a shishy?" Alexander questioned with a eyebrow rose. "A SLUSHY is crushed up ice with sugar and flavored syrup." John's eyes would turn to stars every time he talked about slushies. Alexander seemed disgusted. "Ew. Why would someone drink maple syrup with ice?" He asked. John snickered. "It's not maple syrup. You'll understand when you see it." He said and opened the doors to the small store.

A blast of cool air hit them in the face and the bell rung as they walked inside. John pulled Alexander down the aisle and grabbed a cup. He pressed the cup up to the machine and filled it with blue raspberry slush. Lastly he reached and grabbed a lid and straw. Placing the lid on top and the straw inside, he handed the slushy to Alexander.

Alexander took a sip of the straw and instantly cracked a grin. John smirked and made another slushy for himself. "Good?" He asked. "Why haven't I been greeted to this beforrree?" He whined and took another sip. John opened his mouth to say something, but he closed it again when he heard the bell ring.

John looked over the shelves and saw a poofy afro, already knowing who it was. "Ugh." He muttered. Alexander looked up from his blue shushy and rose and eyebrow. "What's wrong John?" "Jefferson." He said. Alexander rolled his eyes just by the thought of him. "Lets just ignore him. Maybe he won't notice us toda-" Alexander was cut off by someone shoving past him to get to the slushy machine. As they were passing by, Alexander accidentally dropped his slushy on their shoes and the bottom of their jeans.

His eyes widened in shock. "I'm so sorr-" He glanced up seeing it was Thomas and said, "-oh never mind," causing John to chuckle. Thomas was fuming. "Those cost almost $75!" He practically yelled, causing everyone in the convenient store to stare at them. "Why do you by expensive shoes when they are going to be messed up eventually though?" Alexander questioned with a eyebrow rose. "Because I can actually afford them! Unlike some people." Thomas shot back.

Alexander shot dagger glares at Thomas. He took a deep breath after a moment and walked over to the machine. Raising the cup to the Cherry shushy, he tapped his foot waiting for it to fill. John already caught on what was happening, and he would have stopped Alexander from taking the cup from the machine and dumping the red shushy over his afro, but he didn't want to. Maybe it was because his, now red, afro blocked out any logic going to his brain, or maybe because he called Alexander out for being poor.

Thomas gasped and wiped red slush out of his eyes. He got a grape shushy and an orange shushy, pouring the orange on Alexander's shirt and the purple over his head.

John huffed and walked to the drinks isle. He grabbed a Coca-Cola can and began to shake it, walking towards Thomas. "Hey Tommmyy." John teased. "Ew. Don't call me-" Before Thomas could finish, John popped the soda can open and sprayed Thomas in the face.

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Sorry i haven't updated in two months. I kept trying to write then I'd get a better idea and restart. I think I've restarted about five or six times..?

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