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I looked around my new room, my hand gripping on the handle of my single suitcase. It had dark blue walls and fluffy black carpet that tickled my toes. I closed my eyes for a second, thinking, and opened them again. I did not, whatsoever, want to be here in his house with his new family, but this is the only place I could go considering my mother packed up her shit and left, without me, taking everything she could and leaving only a single letter that was folded into the left pocket of my jacket.

I shake my head, removing all thoughts of that lame excuse of a mother. The room was already furnished. There was a queen sized bed that perfectly stood in the middle of the room. In front of it was a dark, polished wooden table that carried a small flat screened tv. In fact, everything inside my room was dark. Dark curtains, dark dressers, dark door. I rolled my eyes and opened the curtains, letting the light spill into the room.

I heard someone lightly tap on the door while it was already open. Turning around, I meet the face of a girl about my age with short, brown locks and crystal blue eyes that were shielded with dark rimmed glasses much too big for her face. I met her downstairs, when my supposed father was introducing me to them and them to me. She was one of his daughters, my half sister, named Jasmine.

"Yes?" I asked, emotionless. Jasmine, whose face went bright red, realized she had been staring too long. "Did you need something, Jasmine?"

"Oh! Yes. I mean no! I don't need anything, but youー you certainly do!" Jasmine said. My eyebrows furrowed in confusion. "Okay, I'm sorry, that sounded extremely rude. Ignore that part. What I mean is that I'm here to tell you some stuff about the town, school, rules, and you know, stuff like that.. Unless, of course, you don't want to hear of it, then that's fine, but like, you'll probably need it since you're new here, not because you're stupid and you don't learn things quickly, that would be Stefan, you know, my five year old brother, and gosh I talk a lot!"

I nod in agreement. "You certainly do talk a lot," I chuckled, "but it's okay, go on with the stuff about the town, school, rules, and you know, stuff like that, I'd like to hear it." Jasmine widened her eyes, surprised, but smiled genuinely.

"Okay, so, as you know, we're kind of the same age. I'm sixteen and you're sixteen and that may be weird, because our dad had two women pregnant at the time and he chose mine and oh my god I'm so stupid for even mentioning that," she said. I shook my head no, because it was a fact and I just had to learn to understand it. Jasmine smiled again and carried on with her talking. "Anywho, that means that we're in the same grade, in the same school. I'll be there to show you around the school and maybe be your friend, but if that's what you want. School starts in a few days, as you know, and we'll be going to Marble Hills High, it's only a few blocks away."

"There are very few rules in this house. First off, homework first. Second of all, there is no curfew, but try and be home by twelve o'clock. Yes, in the morning. And finally, the last rule, we have this board downstairs that tells us whose turn it is to clean for the day. We've added your name, but every Tuesday, it's your day. Thursday is my turn. Wednesday is my mothers turn. Friday is myー our dads turn. Monday is Stefan's turn. We try and avoid Saturday's and Sunday's, since it's our time to relax and take our mind off of school and work and all that stuff."

"Tomorrow, I'll be showing you around town. Where the library is, where school is, where you can find jobs. I work in an ice cream shop. I can maybe ask the owner or manager if they can hire you, if you want?" She finished.

"Um..." I thought about it. "Sure," I smiled at her, genuinely. Jasmine nodded, happily.

"Well, I have to go, now. One of my friends are picking me up to go shopping," Jasmine said, waving. I mumbled a thank you as she walked out and turned back to the window. It was a sunny day as it was summer and I looked out of the window for a while until Jasmine barged back in my room. "Change of plans, father said that I should take you!" She said, breathless. "I mean, unless you want to go, but if you don't that's fine!"

"No, no, if you want me to go, I'll be happy to," I replied. Jasmine made a small noise, a squeal, and then walked out of the room. I walked to my suitcase and opened it only go meet a picture of my mother. My mother was a thing of beauty, with her chocolatey brown skin, curly hair, and brilliant green eyes. But once I turned eleven, she got into drugs and gambling. Her beautiful green eyes went dull and emotionless. Her curls weren't as bouncy as they always were, but instead they were dull too. I didn't know what happened. I wish I knew what happened.

My eyes burned as tears threatened to spill, but I shut them close and regained myself. Setting the picture aside, I began looking through my clothes. I picked out a pair of ripped skinny jeans, black heels, and a plain white tee with sleeves that stopped right before my elbows. I closed the suitcase and walked out the room, meeting Jasmine who was wearing a yellow sundress and black flats, remaining short as usual.

"Come on, she's coming in five minutes, we have to sit on the porch," Jasmine took a hold of my hand and pulled me downstairs, careful not to make me trip. A few moments later, we were sitting on the swing that silently sat on the porch.

"Jasmine, I need to ask you something," I said, nervously. Jasmine looked at me with confusion, waiting for me to ask. "Uh, what is he like?" Jasmine continued to look confused but then realization hit her.

"You mean dad?" She asked. I nodded. "He's really fun and relaxed most of the time, but he's really scary when you make him angry. The only person who can calm him down is my mom. Dad is always working a lot, but when he comes back from one of his business trips, he would bring us presents." Suddenly a car parked into the driveway and beeped. Jasmine sighed, and stood up. "He's always a really happy guy, but on November Twelfth.. He would lock himself in his study and stay there the whole day, not eating anything, not talking to any of us, not doing anything at all, but drinking away his sorrows."

My eyes widened at this and turned to look at her. Jasmine just smiled and pulled me into the car.

November Twelfth. My birthday.


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