Chapter 12

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She was glad she changed her mind about going, the bar was as nice as Liam said and not fancy at all. The name 'The Book Club' seemed like it was a misnomer, for inside the low key hangout were a group of raucous and increasingly drunk hipsters of varying ages, speaking loudly and having lively conversations about films, books, and music that Robyn wasn't cool enough to know about, all over jars, mugs, and jugs of alcoholic beverages. They took a table in a corner by an exposed brick wall, and the lighting in the room, bright but not at all harsh, led the eye to a tiny stage set up for a band. They'd stumbled in during the intermission between sets and the band was no where to be seen.

"I'm happy you came, otherwise I'd be alone and subjected to that all night." He gestured across the table to where Nicki and Andy sat, attached at the face, swiping at each other's tongues and being sloppy as hell. Robyn lowered her head and shook it as Liam continued. "I was hoping to hear more about your job but I suppose it's a bit too loud to have a conversation in here."

"That's funny, I was hoping to hear more about your job too."

She narrowed her eyes and fixed him with a knowing gaze that he simply smiled at.

"A relentless woman is irresistible."

"A man who won't come clean isn't."

She sneered at him, he continued to smile, she rolled her eyes as he picked up the drink menu and leaned close to her so she could see it too.

"What sounds good?" He asked, pointing to the list of drinks on the menu, she read them and giggled to herself. "What's funny?"

"Nothing, it's just they named a drink after you, see 'the shoreditch twat.'" He laughed as soon as the words were out of her mouth, loud enough to make Nicki and Andy break apart long enough to see what the noise was about. "Let's get a 'very cherry jerry'."

He nodded and headed to the bar to order and Robyn took the moment to look around. The room was barely decorated, very basic, it almost looked like they'd wandered into someone's house party. She was surprised a guy who picked up a blind date in a chauffeured car would frequent a place so laid back and unassuming. She wondered if she'd misjudged him, he had been open and attentive in the car on the ride from Hyde Park to Shoreditch, he'd listened to her go on about school and her internship and work at the hotel, he spoke about med school and how he was excited to begin his residency the next year.; but when the subject came back around to how he got his money he got tight lipped again, only this time he took her hand and kissed it as he told her to mind her own business.

She couldn't help thinking that it was an oddly polite thing to do, sort of like telling someone to 'excuse you' instead of just saying 'fuck off'. He'd changed completely from the way he'd been before and during the concert and although she wasn't sure she liked him she was intrigued by him; Liam Payne was interesting and sexy to boot. She picked up the menu and read the food options just as Nicki and Andy began to talk in between their fervent kisses.

"I'm going to fuck you so hard tonight."

Robyn widened her eyes at the menu and mouthed the word 'ew' as Nicki responded.


"Yeah Baby. As soon as I get you home that ass is mine."

"What are we waiting for then?"

Robyn peeked over the top of the menu as Andy growled, literally growled, at Nicki's challenge. She in turn squealed and was pulled to her feet. They mumbled their goodbyes and hurried across the room so quickly Robyn expected to see smoke coming from the soles of their shoes.

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