Chapter 29

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Seto's Pov

I woke up to people talking. "He'll be fine. He's just low on mana." A voice said.

"Thank you." Another replied. It sounded like Sky. I sat up and rubbed my head, bandaged getting in the way. It ached and the noise wasn't helping anything. I looked around. I was in a medical room. My eyes settled over at the door. There were the people talking. It was a doctor and Sky. Sky looked over at me and smiled. "Good to see you're awake."

"What happened?" I asked.

Sky walked over to my bedside. "You used a dark spell and fainted afterwards. Jason used his scythe on the bubble and it worked. Entity is no longer a threat." Sky explained.

"Is Ty okay?" I asked.

"Fractured arm but he'll be fine." He replied.

"You're awake just in time." I looked behind Sky to see Jerome in the doorway. "Notch wants to see us in the throne room."

"Do you know why?" Sky asked.

"He said it's important and that all of us need to be there." Jerome said.

I climbed out of bed. I started to feel a little dizzy but that was normal after a massive amount of mana is drained. We walked through the halls and to the throne room. "Good to see you didn't die Seto." Mitch said.

"The worst it could do was make me faint." I said.

"Well the worst happened." Jason said. "You hit your head on some rocks so you were bleeding a bit."

"So why were we called here?" I asked Notch.

"I have some good news." Notch said. "Entity was banished to a world with the best security in history. He's not going to be getting out for a long time. And I have some good news for Sky."

"What? Did you decide to revive Alesa?" He asked.

"No but I realized that I should fight for Minecraftia instead of having you fight for me. It's my creation and I should be the one to look after it." Notch said. Sky seemed to be intrigued but I don't think he fully understood the point of this. "So you won't have to fight for Minecraftia. You can live a normal life."

"As normal as it's going to get with old flashlight eyes being my father." Sky joked.

Herobrine walked out from a room. "I'm not that old." He said.

"So no more training?" Ty asked.

Everyone laughed. "Well if you want training we can still go up against Deadlox and True." Sky said.

"No thanks." Ty said. "I prefer not to fight some emo version of me."

"I'm not emo." We looked up see Deadlox standing on the balcony above us.

"What are you doing here?" Sky asked.

"Well after today we won't be able to visit. We just wanted to spend the last day with our king." He explained jumping over the balcony and landing beside Sky.

"I'm not the king anymore." Sky said.

"But you're our king." I turned around to see ASF and Bajan. "We're all still apart of the Sky Army and we always will be."

True decided to drop out of nowhere and join the party. "We're proud to call ourselves recruits."

"Oh man. I missed you two idiots." Ssundee said walking over to Bajan and ASF.

"How's it been Derp? Insane as usual?" ASF said.

"You know it." Ssundee almost yelled.

We all froze as angel Alesa walked in with human Alesa and Diamond. "You don't really think I'd leave you alone on the Overworld, did you?" The angel Alesa asked.

"I knew about it all and about how you and an older version of me used to be together." The human Alesa said. "Also technically I am your Alesa."

"I convinced Notch to bend some rules." Angel Alesa said.

"By convinced she means begged him where ever he went time he gave in." Diamond said.

"Well I'm just glad you're all here." Sky said.

All of a sudden Sky's glasses flew off of Sky's face and behind me. I turned around to see Harvey wearing the sunglasses. "You know you shouldn't wear sunglasses inside." He teased.

Ssundee laughed. His glasses flew off and landed in my hands. I didn't do it though. Harvey must know I don't have any mana. I put them on. "It's the same with you Ian." I said.

"Hey, I have a good excuse." Ssundee said.

"We have the same excuse." Sky said. He was using his power to make his eyes look kind of normal. They were still yellow but he actually had pupils.

"So what should we do while we're here?" Ty asked.

"I have an idea." Notch said. "New team vs old team. Hero will be on the new team and Sky will be with his old team. No magic, just swords and bows."

"This will be fun." Sky said. His team lined up behind him while my team gathered behind Herobrine. They had their weapons leaving us with normal swords.

"Ready? Set. Fight!"


Well everyone I'm sorry to say this but this book has officially been completed. Thank you for reading and for over 17k reads! I just wanted to say that this book was really fun to make and I'm glad you guys enjoyed this. Thank you to anyone who had a character in this book. I hope you guys enjoyed this book. I will see you guys later. Bye!


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