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The first few weeks into the summer were more nicer than I planned. My father Carson was home more often, not as much as he should be, but more often. All he said was its a "surprise" "Its gunna' be worth it."  My father is a struggling artist. He doesn't often sell his works, but when he does, it really pays off in the household.

It was around 2:00pm when there was a firm knock on the door. I decided to let my mother get it sense I was texting Valentina.

"Can I help you?" My mother asked stepping outside closing the door behind her. "Ma'am, we have a warrant out for Erick Mallets arrest. Is he in this residence?" Officer Bradford asked. "Can I ask what this is about?" She asked placing her  hands on her hips. "Is he here ma'am?" Officer Bradford asked calmly once again. "I want to know what this is about." She replied firmly.

"We have a warrant" another officer said agitatedly coming from outside the police car. "So would you  move." He scoffed brushing past my mother. She stood stunned as both officers walked past her into the house. "I get upstairs, you get the lower floors." Officer Bradford shouted.

In a matter of minutes, all I saw was my brother in handcuffs as my mother watched the entire thing in shock. "Ma, what's happening?" I asked setting my phone down. She sighed, " I know as much as you do."

"He will be held in Bernville Federal Prison. All the information and what not along with directions will be given there." Officer Bradford spoke guiding Erick. "Don't drop the soap. "I snickered. He just glared at me. Was I moved? Nope. I lowly laughed and went back upstairs to texting Valentina.

My mother paced back and forth. "God, what is Carson going to say." She sat down and ran her hands through her hair. "Between the bail money, money is about to get extremely tight." "Plus, I have to fly in Carson's brother and mother for the holidays."

Nigel's Pov

I sat in my car in the front of Natalie's house and watched everything go down. I silently laughed as poor, helpless, innocent Erick was placed in handcuffs and pushed into the backseat of the squad car. Now that Erick was out of the way, the only ones left were her mother and father.

End of Pov

And he already had a plan for them.

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