Out in the open.

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Jake stared at Linus,hard,still trying to understand what he just heard.He knew it.He knew it all along or he suspected it but now.......now his suspicions had came true.Indeed Ellie was Linus' mate.....

That's why his been keeping her in his cave since the first day he kidnapped her,having her close all the time,either to his side or mine.

 Time seemed to stop,no one moved,no one spoke a word,nothing.Gregory smirked knowingly,David looked between Jake and Linus and the men just stared at their Alpha.They thought he was going crazy and had too much beer.Or that he was just back to his old self.

 Linus,taken over by Ranulf glared at Jake,breathing hard and shaking,remaining human still.Jake stood,opened his mouth to say something....but...no words came out.....Ranulf relaxed and retreated,Linus fully back now,ordered.

 "Leave us."

 "Are you sure?" Gregory asked.

 "Yes.And thank you for coming,we're really sorry for disturbing you and ruing your fun,it was just a misunderstanding.Go back and continue whatever you were doing." Linus said low.

Hesitant,every one walked away. Linus looked himself.He was messed up,clothes a little ripped,full of dust and his lip bleeding.He dust off himself.Jake checked himself too,his left eyebrow cut and lip,clothes at the same condition.

Linus looked up to see him dusting off his clothes too,when Jake looked up he seemed ashamed.Hurt,both psychically and emotionally. And he could only understand how he must felt.

Jake's feelings about Ellie were now out in the open,to him and every one that was present. And maybe now it was just matter of time for the whole pack to know and her.Jake looked down at the ground,fisting his hands.

"Ya know..." Linus said,whipping the blood from his lips with the back of his hand,approaching him.

"You got one heck of a left hook,bro." he said to lighten the atmosphere.

Jake chuckled,but he seemed down still.He looked up.

 "Linus,i'm sorry." he said,Linus stopping,the look in his eyes was pure pain.

"I'm sorry for what i did,i'm sorry for what i said...everything.You wouldn't admit it and i was just too curious so everything i did, i did it to see how would you react,coming closer to her i did it......not only because shes so nice and kind and friendly,but also because i wanted to see if it would make you jealous and eventually........snap and tell the truth." he said and Linus listened carefully.

  "And while doing so,i fell for her." he smiled a little,eyes shining as he looked down again.

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