Chapter 2

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"Okay ladies, welcome to softball tryouts. I'm Coach Smith and I can guarantee all of you are going to make the team since we had a surprisingly low turnout, so consider this more of evaluations," the tall man said. He looked to be about in his 50's and he had light brown hair. "Okay, partner up and start playing catch. I'll come around and make sure you're using proper form."

Beca stayed still since she didn't know anyone there until a redhead with bright blue eyes walked up to her. "Hey, I'm Chloe," she smiled.

"I'm Beca," the shorter girl replied, shaking her hand.

"You wanna play catch?" She asked, handing Beca the ball.

"Sure," Beca smiled.

They started tossing the ball back and forth in awkward silence silence before Chloe spoke up. "Are you a freshman?"

"Yeah, are you?" Beca wondered. "I haven't seen you around."

"I just transferred here this semester," Chloe explained. "My parents got divorced and my mom's job got moved here from Florida."

"Oh okay," Beca nodded in understanding. "Have you played softball before?"

"Yeah," the redhead shrugged. "I wasn't gonna play this season but my mom convinced me to pick it back up again. I apparently spend too much time in my room writing," she said, rolling her eyes.

"Funny, I spend too much time in my room working on music apparently," Beca laughed. "Do you sing?"

"A little. Do you write?"

"A little," the brunette shrugged.

"Fun! We should collaborate sometime," Chloe said excitedly.

Beca couldn't even comprehend the amount of sunshine that seemed to be in the redhead. So much, that she got completely distracted and zoned out.

"Beca? You ready?" Chloe asked gently, not wanting to startle the smaller girl.

"Oh.. yeah," Beca said sheepishly, catching the ball from Chloe. "Hey where do you sit at lunch?"

"By Aubrey," Chloe said nonchalantly.

"Aubrey Posen?" Beca asked. Aubrey Posen who bullied her into depression throughout middle school? Oh fuck no; there was no way Beca would be going anywhere near her any time soon.

"Yeah! She's my cousin," Chloe smiled. "You should sit by us sometime."

"Yeah," Beca shrugged, knowing full well she wouldn't be sitting by them unless she had her friends with her. They stood up for her during the worst things Aubrey put her through. "My friends will come too."

"Who?" Chloe asked.

"Jesse Swanson, Stacie Conrad, and Benji Applebaum," Beca shrugged.

"Oh Benji's in my American history class and I have home ec with Stacie!" The redhead said excitedly.

"Alright ladies, stick with your partners and go around to the different batting stations," Coach Smith said. "Rebeca and Chloe? You're the new ones, right?" They nodded and he took them over to the tees. "Okay, do either of you know the proper stance for batting?"

"I'm pretty sure," Chloe said with a shrug. She picked up her bat from the floor and got into the proper stance.

"Good," Coach Smith smiled. "Why don't you help Beca with it for awhile."

Chloe nodded as he walked away. "Hey Beca? Are you doing anything after this?"

"I wasn't planning on it, why?" Beca wondered as she tried to get in the same stance Chloe was in.

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