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Imagine for Arabella_Joyy

Today me and my band Little Mix are performing at the Capital FM summer time ball. We all so excited to be performing as last year was amazing! As well as performing we are so excited to see the other acts. We can't believe we are going to be on the same stage as Jess Glynne, Ariana Grande, Nathan Sykes, Nick Jonas and The Vamps. We met the vamps last year at the summer time ball and got on really well with them. We have also met up a few times after that. I'm pretty excited to see them again as I think we could all be really good friends also I may have a bit of a crush on Brad. But who doesn't?

We arrived in London yesterday so we had time for a sound check. During this we met Nick Jonas. It was so exciting him, he is really nice too. He watched us rehearse our songs. 'Wow, you girls have some moves. That was amazing' he said clapping. 'I know' Jesy said flicking her hair. 'Thank you Nick' Jade replied while laughing at Jesy. 'I better go get ready for my sound check. See you later' Nick said while walking off. It felt so good knowing that someone really successful in music thinks that we amazing.

It was a few hours before it was our time to go on stage. We were all in our dressing room having our hair and make up done. We already had our outfits on. We decided to have a dark pink and black theme. 'I can't wait to perform' I said to the girls. 'Me too, I am so excited' Perrie said jumping up and down. 'I'm really excited to see all the fan's' Jade replied. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Our manager went to see who it was. 'Can we come in and see the girls?' We heard a voice say. Our manager let them in. At the time my makeup artist was just finishing off. I looked into the mirror and saw James, Tristan, Connor and Brad walk in. 'Omg, the vamps' I thought. Brad looked so perfect in his bomber jacket. I got up from the chair and joined everyone. 'Hey Arabella' Tristan said while giving me a hug. James and Connor gave me a hug too. I then walked up to Brad. 'Hi, you alright?' I asked. 'Yeah, I'm good thanks. Excited for the show?' he asked, giving me a hug. 'Yes, I'm super excited' I said, hugging him back. 'Lets have a picture together' Leigh Anne suggested. We all got into a line and I stood next to Brad. Their manager Joe took the picture. ' Come on boys we better go, were on in a bit' Joe said after taking the picture. 'Alright Joe' Connor said sadly. The boys walked off towards the door. 'Good luck' Brad said. 'Thank you and you. Not that you will need it' I replied. He just gave a me a sweet smile back. ' We should all meet up after the show if you have time' James suggested. 'That sounds good, I'm sure we have time' Perrie replied. 'Cool, we will text you' Brad said as they left.

It was finally out time to go on stage. We were performing after Zara Larsson. As soon as she finished her song I started to become nervous. Even though I've performed so many times I still get nervous. We all huddled together and had a group hug. We do this every time were about to go on stage . I love these girls so much. We are more than best friends, were sisters. We will always stick together. The lights went off. We knew that it was time. We walked onto the pitch black stage and got into position. Coloured light's projected onto the stage and the music started to play. This was our time to start singing. 'All the girls on the block knocking at my door. Wanna know what it is make the boys want more!'. Once we sang this we separated and walked down the stage. The crowd was going crazy singing along and taking pictures. While I sang I reached down to the crowd and touched their hands. I love doing this because it makes them all so happy.

The show was amazing and I could tell the fan's loved it too. We sang black magic, hair, love me like you and touch. After the show we went back into our dressing room and got changed. 'That was such a good show' Jade said getting changed. 'I agree, one of the best' I replied. 'That's what I thought' Jesy said, giving me a high five. Once I got changed I checked my phone. I had so many notifications about the picture of us with the vamps. I then checked my text messages. 'Brad said to meet them down the hall at 6:00' I said, reading his text. 'Cool, thats in half an hour' Leigh Anne said happily.

As we walked down the hall we could see the boys. 'Aye, there they are' Tristan said. 'Hello again' I said. We all have each other hugs. ' We were thinking about going out for dinner if you wanna join us?' Connor asked. 'Sure,that sounds fun' Jesy said. We found a restaurant near by. Our managers had to come just in case fans spotted us. The waiter was really nice, he have us a table upstairs so nobody would able to see us if they walk past. While we waited for our dinner we all chatted about secret projects were up to. We couldn't say too much incase other people could hear us.

Once we finished our dinner we went  outside and waited for our taxi's. Suddenly it began to rain really hard. I didn't have a jacket so got soaking wet. 'Put this on' Brad said putting his jacket on me. 'Thank you' I replied. Brad put his arm around me too keep me warm. I'm a bit smaller than him so put my head onto his shoulder. Finally our taxis came. We hugged the boys goodbye and then got into the car. 'Details please' Perrie said to me. 'What do you mean?' I said laughing.  'Ummm Brad' Jesy said. 'Nothings going on' I replied. 'Excuse your wearing his jacket' Jade pointed out. 'Omg yeah, I forgot to give it back' I said loudly. 'I don't think he would mind as he gave it to you anyway' Leigh Anne said poking me and smiling at me.

When I got back to the hotel room I took out my phone to text Brad. As soon as I unlocked my phone I had so many notifications, more than usual. I key seeing things saying: 'Arabella from Little Mix and Brad from The Vamps spotted together', 'Are Arabella and Brad dating?' and ' Brad Simpson's secret girlfriend?'. I pressed on the notifications and saw pictures of us outside the restaurant. 'Omg have you seen this?' I asked the girls. 'What?' They asked walking over to me. Perrie took my phone from my hand and read 'Arabella and Brad Simpson spotted together along with their bands. They looked very comfortable cuddling each other in the rain. Does this mean that they could be the next big couple?'. 'Omg no, what is Brad going to think?' I said,panicking. 'Don't worry, just phone him and talk about it.' Jade said while giving me a hug. 'Okay,I will do it now' I said, calming down. ' We will give you some privacy' Jesy said. I was so nervous to phone him. 'Hello' he said. ' Hey, Brad. Umm.. have you seen what the press have been saying about us' I asked nervously. 'Yeah, James just showed me. Do you fancy meeting up?' He asked. 'Yeah sure' I replied. 'I will meet you at your hotel in about 15 minutes. If that's okay?' He said. 'Yeah that's fine see you then'. I replied. We said goodbye to each other then put the phone down. 'I know your listening, you can come back in' I shouted. The girls opened the door and walked in. 'How did you know?' Leigh Anne asked. 'Because I know you all too well' I said laughing. 'Anyway what did he say?' Perrie asked. ' He said he saw the reports and wants to meet here in 15 minutes' I explained. ' Come on then, you need to dry your hair and get changed. You can't see Prince charming soaking wet' Jesy insisted.

15 minutes later my hair was looking perfect in a dry pony tail and I was wearing a new outfit. I looked down and saw I had a text from Brad asking what room I'm in. I text him back the room number and soon after there was a knock on the door. 'He's here' Perrie said, literally fangirling. Leigh Anne walked over and opened the door. 'Come on lets give them some privacy' Jade said walking off with the other girls. As they walked out Jesy gave me a thumbs up. 'hey' I said as Brad sat next to me on the bed. 'You look really nice' he said smiling. 'Oh, thank you. I just got changed because of the rain' I replied. 'You looked pretty even when you were soaking wet' he said looking into my eyes. I was speachless, I just lightly smiled at him. 'You know that people online were saying we're dating?' He asked. 'yeah' I replied. 'How do you feel about making those rumours true?' He asked raising his eyebrows. 'Seriously?' I asked. 'Yes' he said moving closer. 'I would love to' I replied. I could tell Brad was leaning in to kiss me but we were interrupted. The girls came running into the room and screaming and hugging me. 'Omg I'm so happy for you both' They shouted. 'You better look after her, or you have me to deal with' Perrie said to Brad. 'Okay, okay' he said putting up his hands. 'Guys' I shouted. They all stopped and looked at me. I gave them a look. 'Oh yes, come on lets go' Leigh Anne said leaving with the girls. 'Now, where were we' I said to Brad. We both leaned in and closed our eyes for a kiss. That was the best kiss I have ever had.

I really hope you enjoyed the imagine! I'm finally back after over a year of not writing. I really liked writing this imagine and hopefully I will be doing more soon :)

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