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What screws us up most in life,
Is the picture in our mind
Of how it's supposed to be.


Hour eight

The city is beautiful for up here; the view is spectacular. The rain has stopped and the sun is now gently beating down on us as we sit down on the flower covered hill.

I look down in my lap and observe the bright green grass between my legs, as a small red ladybug climbs up it. I watch it for a minute before it gracefully flies away.

A small breeze flies around us as we look out at the horizon infront of us. Taking in the art before us. Each building is different; a different shape and colour.

I never knew it was this beautiful. You never do when you're in the middle of it. I guess you just need to stop and take a step back to realise things can sometimes be good.

There's a comfortable silence between us, as we sit side by side, our knees slightly touching. All you can hear is the grass rustling under the wind and our slow breathing.

Grayson shuffles himself around to the front of me, grabbing my hands and begins playing with my fingers and studying the worn down bracelets on my wristes.

I guess I've always need this. A break, a distraction. Someone who can change my views on the world. Honestly, I never thought I would see life this way; in a beautiful and precious way.

"I love it here" Grayson finally speaks up quietly, trying not to ruin the current mood.

"Same" I agree, just above a whisper as I look down and this time I play with his fingers.

"It's so peacfully and angelic" He comments, gazing around. I nod my head quietly, continuing to play with his hands.

It's funny when you stop and think about all the things you can do with your hands.

I flip Grayson's over and begin tracing shapes acorss his palms, tracing down the lines and studying his finger print. Everyone's is different; we are all different.

Think about it. No one looks the same, no one sounds the same, no one acts the same. Sure, some people may be similar, but no one is identical. That's what makes us unique.

A helicopter begins to fly above us, as Grayson lays backwards, pulling me with him. I rest my head on his chest, looking up, watching it fly overhead and listen to the sound of it's propellers spinning around in a continuous circle.

Once it disappears, we look up at the light blue sky and the white fluffy clouds if all different shapes and sizes. We laugh and talk about what they look like for what seems like hours, but is really for only a few minutes.

Everytime Grayson laughs, it gives me butterflies. I wonder what he's really thinking about right now; I wonder what he thinks about me.

The wind picks up for a moment, throwing my hair up gently, causing me to lift my head up and tuck it behind my ears. I then once again make myself comfortable on the grass besides Grayson and continue arguing with him about what the clouds look like.

"That's definitely a turtle" He demands jokingly, defending himself and pulls me back on to his chest.

"No way, it's obviously a flower" I chuckle, sticking up for my opinion. He shakes his head but gives up, agreeing with me.

After a few more minutes of watching the clouds, we decide to go back in to city and get pizza for lunch, seeming at it's 2pm already.

We sit up and I get up first before putting my hand out and help Grayson up. He takes my hand and we run hand in hand down the side if the hill, trying not to step on the flowers, but fail miserably.

We laugh as we go all the way down to bottom and I occasionally squeal, as I almost trip a few times. We reach the bottle and quickly slip on the helmets by the harley, before getting on the bike. Grayson turns on the engine, going forward and I lift my feet of the ground.

The sun light around us flickers, as it attempts to shine throw the trees around the road. The drive is free and quiet because there is surpisingly no cars on the road causing traffic.

We finally enter the city again, the sound of people chattering and car horns once again fill my eyes, heading down the pizza parler. We pull up outside a cute little restaurant and put out helmets away in the set of the bike.

Grayson head towards the door with me close behind and opens the door for us. I thank him quietly, as he lets me go first and the waiter shows us to our sets. We sit down in a small booth for two and pull out a menu, reading it quietly.

The aroma of milkshakes and pizza fill my nose as I take a deep breath in, making my mouth water. A short waiter appears besides us and takes our order.

"Uh, two chocolate milkshakes and a cheese pizza to share please" Grayson says politely, basically reading my mind. The man notes it down on his small notepad and walks off.

"You read my mind" I say, sliding the menu back in to place. Grayson sends me a goofy smile and we continue to make small talk until our food arrives.

We thank the waiter as he hands us our meal and begin to eat it. I try my best not to eat messily, but I fail and end up geting cheese everywhere, earning disgusted looks from the people around up. However Grayson sits oposite me, laughing and takes a picture of me struggling.

Although it is embarrassing, I find the way he acts, cute. Eventhough he laughes at me, he never really judges the things I do.

We finish up out pizza and drink the rest of our milkshake before paying the bill. Obviously Grayson insists on paying and I was too full to argue this time. I stay seated while he goes up the counter.

I take this time to fully observe the restaurant and take in my surrounds. The floor is black and white tiled, just like the froyo shop and it also has window seats, but black instead of red. There are multiple booths and table spread across the floor of the pizza parler, most of which are occupied by couples or small families.

After a few more seconds, Grayson appears infront of me with a serious looks.

"There's um, something I have to tell you."


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