Darkness. Sarah was surrounded in sheer darkness and couldn't see what was in front of her. Suddenly, a light was shining around her. "Who are you and what do you want?" Sarah asked the mysterious light. Nothing was said. The light began to disappear from her view and Sarah began to run towards the light. "Sarah, don't!" Sarah turned around and saw a face she hadn't laid eyes on in 10 years. It was the Goblin King, Jareth. Seeing Jareth made Sarah want to run away and so she did. As she was running, her dream transitioned to her running in the Labyrinth and Jareth was chasing her. "You can't run away from me. Soon, you will belong to me and I will make you love me forever." Jareth exclaimed as he began to fade away and so did the entire Labyrinth. Soon, Sarah was again in darkness and the darkness was shattered like pieces of glass. Sarah soon felt as if she was falling into a shallow hole and finally she landed in her own bed. Gasping for air, Sarah shot from her bed and began to cry. Her trusted companion, a newborn sheepdog, jumped onto the bed and began to lick her face. Giggling and drying her tears, Sarah says, "Oh Ludo, I'm okay. It's just a dream. I saw someone I thought I had gotten rid of several years ago. He's gone now." Sarah looked at her clock, which read 9:00am. Groaning, Sarah rose from her bed and jumped in the shower. The phone began to ring but Sarah couldn't hear. After several rings, the caller left a voicemail. "Hi Sarah, it's Toby. Hope everything is going well in New York. Anyway, I just wanted to call and tell you that Mom died today this morning. Dad needs you to come home so we can plan the funeral. I know you hated her and she was your stepmother but Dad needs you here. He's sad and he began drinking again. Please call me back. I love you."

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